Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my favorite season has come


My favorite rainy season has come.
I haven’t heard that people who like the rainy season.
When it’s raining, some people feel melancory and some people feel down.
Last Sunday it was raining since in the morning and last Monday it was raining out all day.
When it’s wet out, I think I hope it doesn’t stop raining until the sunset.
Because I hope there is a wet air in the park after raining when I get home.
Sometimes I think it’s hassle going jogging if it’s not after raining.
It means the air after raining at the park is fabulous.
The wet air from the wet ground, wet trunk of trees and leaves smells wonderful.
Sometimes the air looks like fog and I feel like getting rid of my badness in the fabulous air.
I take a deep breath and jog for a long time without knowing.
That’s why it’s fun when it’s raining and I think it’s lucky!
But it’s wet out for few days. Then it stops raining and the sun comes out.
It feels really nice.
I look up the bright sunshine after few days and it makes me delightful.
Two days ago I went to work at 10 in the morning. So I hanged dry my laundry under
the bright sunshine.
Usually I hang dry my laundry in the moon but it feels good I do it in the sun.
That’s why it’s fun even when it’s wet out also nice out.
I wanna enjoy spending time in the rainy season!


Laisabe said...

Thanks for write in my blog.Here in Spain we have a nice weather,I hope we will have a nice summer not too hotttttt.
I love your picturesssss

Ada said...

In Spain we had a very rainy winter...and now we have SUN!!! Well I have just heard that maybe rains tomorow...ahhhh. Good night.

ayamlin said...

* Laisabe
Hi Laisabe!
I have an image it's dry in summer in Spain.
it's really muggy in summer in Tokyo. in addition recently it's much more too hot because of the blobal warming!

* Ada
Hi Ada!
oh, it seemed to be cold in winter in Spain!
it's the other way around!
we have dry winter and wet summer!
tonight it's a beautiful night here!
I hope it let up in Spain tomorrow:)

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, we had rainy weather here in Italy till April, now Spring has arrived at last!

jeannette said...

HI Ayamlin -as you can see I'm trying to catch up on your blog I've been painting a lot lately, and then I only write the posts, but don't visit my blog-friends.

Have to say, rain makes me melancholy, but in California I am glad when the rain comes, because we almost always have a water shortage -except for this year. It has rained a lost, but never more than a few days at the time.

ayamlin said...

* jeannette
Hi jeannette!
Today it was rainning out here.
but it stopped raining.
So I gotta go jogging:)
I have an image it's not humid in Calfornia. So it's not uncomfortable! Here it's muggy in summer. That's too bad!!