Monday, May 31, 2010

a book that I just finished reading


The book that I just finished reading was very interesting and entertaining historically also religiously.
The book is entitled “ life of Jesus Christ” written by Shusaku Endo.
I had known the book but I hadn't read it.
A middle aged man who is in the same generation as my mother let me borrow it.
The book turned blown color and printed words look old. But it seemed like he valued it.
What was interesting is that this story was written from the side of subdued Judea.
I had read the story from the side of conquering Roma but I hadn't read it from the side of Judea. I had known only brightness of Roma. So I had thought Roma was more than welcome by subdued countries.
But it was not exactly. I knew it for the first time.
In addition I realized something when I was reading.
It's that Jesus Christ wanted to suffer from people's pain and misery instead of them.
Even though he always tried to take on their pain holding patients’ and physically challenged people’s hands, people just wanted him only to do miracles.
They wanted him to soothe their diseases, to be able to see everything and to be able to walk.
Even if he couldn’t do miracles and people couldn’t see the sign from him, they were disappointed and started to hate him.
At the end even Apostles were disappointed at him and he died on the cross.
I realized I'm the same as the people!
When I have tough time, I pray to God to get rid of the hardness.
Then if he didn't get rid of them, I think God isn't here and I hate God.
Oh, am I really selfish, or what!
I wanna believe in something as Jesus Christ said “ People who believe in it without seeing
are happy. “


Ada said...

Sounds really interesting!!! I think I am also selfish. Ks

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, what an interesting post! If I had lived in the time of Jesus Christ, I also would surely have asked a help or a miracle for my health or my life: I think to ask is not a bad thing if we have a deep faith, we pray fervently and we try, as you say, to find out our selfish character and maybe to throw it away.
Happy new week :-)

ayamlin said...

* Ada
Hi Ada!
thank you for saying that!
I wanna make efforts to be a good person:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Oh, Thank you!
the important thing is that we realize we are selfish, right?
it was good I realized it!

jeannette said...

So true, Ayamlin, "people who believe in it without seeing are happy!" Have a great weekend!

ayamlin said...

* jeannette
Hi jeannette!
yeah, I'll try to believe it!
Have a lovely weekend:)