Thursday, May 06, 2010

go with the winds


On the first day of holidays, last Saturday, my husband came home in the morning from work. So I stayed up late till 3 in the morning and it was already around noon when we waked up.
Well, it was nice out and let’s roll!
We’re doing what? We’re going where?
The best way we go traveling on the day when we decide is trains.
So we couldn’t choose the places where we have to take planes.
That’s why we had to choose some places and then we decided to go to Hokuriku where is the middle in Japan.
You know what, Hokuriku is far way from Tokyo.
We took Shinkansen-train to Nigata where is the north in Japan first and changed trains there and took a express to Hokuriku.
Most scenery from trains was the rice field.
The rice field in spring looks like the lake.
I wasn’t sure the rice field looked like that around in the beginning of May.
It took few hours from Niigata to Hokuriku.
I was reading a book. When I was sleepy,I nodded off. And then I waked up and read a book again. Finally I finished reading the book on the train.
We left home over at noon. The sky turned red bit by bit.
The sunset was beautiful and we saw it in the rice fields like the mirror.
We got to Kanazawa around at 7.
We ate a little bit expensive fried fish and Sashimi more than usual. And them we went to the hotel where we managed to make a reservation.
Most hotels were fully booked. That’s why we couldn’t help it use a single room.
We paid 7 thousands for it.
We hadn’t decided where we went yet. We just went with the winds.
This picture is the rice fields in the sunset.


antigoni said...

Hi, Aya!
I don't miss Marina yet because she is still here in Greece. She 'll leave in July. Until then i don't want to think about that. I'll really miss her.

linda croissant said...

what a nice trip...and love your photos aya!!

jeannette said...

Isn't it great to just "go with the wind"? Are the hotels there always this full?

ayamlin said...

* Antigoni
Hi Antigoni!
Thank you for telling me about that. Oh, Marina is still in Greece!

* Linda
Hi Linda!
Thank you!! I'm flattered:)
I'm so happy:)

* jeannette
Hi jeannette!
Thank you for saying that:)
Actually usually it's not crowded there.
this time we went there during 5-day-holiday in Japan.
that's why it's crowded!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, "to go with the wind" is a nice and interesting way to travel indeed! In summer not always there is place in the hotels and on the planes! However, I think it's good to take many many photos!
The picture of the rice fields in the sunset is really beautiful, I enjoy it!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
I'm pleased you said so:)
Thank you for that:)
If I could do that, I wanna go traveling in Italy to go with the wind.
The sunset is always beautiful and everytime I see it, I wanna take pictures.
I wish I got up in the very early morning, I could take pictures of rising the sun!