Friday, May 07, 2010

I went to see the high 15m snow-wall


It was really crowded in Murodo.
There were way too many people under the mountain. Everybody went up.
No wonder there were many people in Murodo.
I saw many Chinese tourists.
Tour guides shouted.
“ Can you guys hear my voice? Gather around! “ like that.
Many people waited in line to get on the bus for a long time and people waited for it even
on the second floor.
We went out to see “ Yuki no Otani “ that means the high wall of the snow.
It was getting a little bit hot in the holidays. So we didn’t wear much and the winds
was cold for us.
There were all snow there like ski resorts. Mountains looked like Alpine mountains
not Japanese familiar mountains and the rocks appeared among the snow.
Yeah, it’s 2450 meters in height. No wonder the mountains there looked different.
This high wall is 15 meter at the most.
You can see the snow-point on the day of December also February on the wall.
We took a walk around there and waited in line on the second floor to get the bus.
We were able to get on the bus earlier than we imagined.
Available seats were only sub seats. Then more people got on the bus.
I saw two foreign tourists there.
I was hoping they sat next to me.


Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! 2450 meters in height, is quite a good height: very interesting the image of the 15m snow wall, it must have been really an enjoyable trip!
Happy Saturday :-)

Marina said...

Our weather is sunny but our hearts are colder than snow!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thanks for your two comments:)
Thanks to Pietro, you're always kind to me:)
Happy Sunday:)

* Marina
Hi Marina!
are you fine? oh, I'm worried about you.
but you'll have a lot of fun thing
in Belgium. So don't worry!
I heard and watch news about your country for few days.
the tax 23%? is way to expensive!
but we, Japan, have much more loans actually.
So people are worried about it....

linda croissant said...


ayamlin said...

* linda
Thank you, linda!
I learned we use the word for scenery from your comment!
Thanks to linda!

mariángeles said...

¡Oh, Es impresionante! Y sobrecogedora.

ayamlin said...

* mariángeles

jeannette said...

Wow, that snow wall is high! You didn't say, did one of the tourists sit next to you?