Friday, April 16, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ** for liking me


for liking me
for having a confidence
not to count on someone
It’s not that I can’t live by myself,
I wanna not to be a weak person who can't go through if nobody listens to the person's story
Even if there is only me in the world,
I wanna keep going strongly every day
to be a strong woman,
to be a super woman,
to be a woman who doesn’t lose any pains and scars
to be a woman who is unwaved,
I keep running
definitely I become to be a strong person for anyone
also I will active in the world
I’m sure
So, I’m going jogging tomorrow, too even at night or even in the early morning
I don’t lose the rain also winds
I’m sure God and space root for me

Happy sky watch Friday


Manang Kim said...

Oh wow this is a beautiful view. Happy weekend!

SWF~Blue puffy sky

Marites said...

really great capture! love those cherry blossoms. I like the poem too:) got me reminded that I should start planning to run again next week. happy weekend!

Marites' Travels

Smalltown RN said...

Look at those gorgeous blossoms and the sky behind....simply lovely!

Pietro said...

What a picturesque view and nice poem, Ayamlin!
Happy weekend :-)

Have you seen the movie "Hollywood Party"?

Pat said...

Beautiful cherry blossoms, stream, grass and sky....nice composition. You sound like a very strong woman.

Laura Hegfield said...

so beautiful :)

jeannette said...

Awesome pic -so beautiful. About the poem -it sounds like a prayer ...sometimes our strength is seen in weakness:)