Thursday, April 08, 2010

getting one more fun thing and putting weight


Last night I learned to bake cake with a friend of mine.
This time we learned a short cake.
This short cake looks totally different from it that I had learned before.
The way it’s baked was different from it I imagined and I was able to study one more cake.
When I take a lesson, I want tools that I use in class.
I’m gonna go get a cercle and mousse films.
Learning a way to bake one more cake, I get one more fun thing.
So, I’m going to one more class tonight, too!
It’s a good thing I enjoy making it but oh, I must put weight!


linda croissant said...

oh beautiful..i want you to be my teacher!!!

ayamlin said...

* Linda
Hi Linda!
I really miss you.
I wanna see you right away.
even though I saw you only once,
I miss you very much.
I wanna teach you how to bake this cake at home!
I wish you were here.