Sunday, April 18, 2010

so tired but feel good*


So tired but feel good
Thanks to sister, brother-in-law, mother and my husband
I wanna sleep tight
Night night


Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! The snow in April in town is really something exceptional! Looking at that nice picture I wish you good night (or may be, now, good morning!)

Marina said...

YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST STRONG WOMEN I KNOW! I believe that all people have powers that they don't know that they have them! All they need is an opportunity to show them to themselves and to the others! I'm happy you're feeling good Aya!

Kcalpesh said...

Hmm! When you get to see places so beautiful, I'm sure you'd feel more energetic despite being tired :-)

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ayamlin said...

Hi Pietro!
when I read your comment in the morning as you imagined:)
by the way we have 5-day-vacation in the beginning of May.
If there isn't time difference, I could go to europe...

Hi Marina!
Thank you for saying that!
I need be a real strong woman!
real strong women are always nice to people and they don't lose any heavy things.
I'm making efforts to be a strong and good woman like you:)

Hi Kcalpesh!
Thank you for coming to my blog:)
yes, these beautiful cherry blossoms soothed me very much and I got much power from them!