Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm in the mood to eat simple dinner*


When my husband comes home late, dinner for me is really simple.
I sometimes eat out. But there is hardly delicious meal in the restaurants.
So I think I have dinner at home and whip up something.
Putting that aside, I’ve been reading a book named “ 1Q84” written by Haruki Murakami.
These days I only read books on the train. So I read books slowly.
When I’m really into the book, I read the book at home.
This time I haven’t soaked in his world yet but I look forward to time for reading the story.
While reading it, my five senses are simulated and there are some things that I wanted
to do.
For instance I’m wondering what kind of music is sinfonietta by Janacek.
And I wanna listen to it very much. And one of main people makes simple good dishes in it.
Reading it, I wanna cook very much.
I don’t need sophisticated dishes.
I’m not a gourmet. So I’m not interested in fancy food and restaurants not much.
If you don’t know delicious food, you can’t make delicious dishes. So I wanna eat delicious
food. But it doesn’t mean they must be fancy and expensive.
I think it seems delish and I wanna eat it when I read something about simple Japanese
dishes in books.
Probably it’s familiar for me and those dishes are dishes that I wanna eat the best.
By the way this picture is my dinner last night, it’s a Japanese pot-au-feu.
I cooked it for the first time. It was very goood!
I made it with Japanese radish called Daikon, carrot, burdock, Japanese mushroom called
Shitake and chicken and put salt, pepper and Japanese liquor called Sake and soy sauce.
It ‘s very simple and easy to cook.
I found the recipe in a free paper that I took in the hospital when I caught a cold.
It’s very good for dinner in winter.
I wanna make it from now on, too.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I also am simple in the meals. Here many coffee shops and self-service restaurants have often (not always!) fair dishes, they are quick and enough comfortable.
About your question, yes, in Italian the town of Turin is "Torino".
Have a beautiful day! :-)

Marina said...

I hope one day I'll taste some of your dishes!!!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
When I went to Firenze, I often went to coffee shops and self-service restaurants!
I ate simple spaghetti with chopped garlic. Very delish it was!
Speaking of Torino, it's famous for olympics games last time and fablic that body of Christ was wrapped, rihgt?

* Marina
Hi Marina!
Have you been?
Thanks for saying that.
And I also wanna eat your dishes someday.
I'm sure I go over and eat your dishes!

Marinela Reka said...

Nice blo,such a nice images :)

Marinela x

ayamlin said...

* Marinela
Hi Marinela!
Thanks for coming to my blog!
I like your Tanka:)
I'm gonna visit your blog often:)