Friday, March 19, 2010

Chiffon cake for breakfast


I baked chiffon cake for my husband's breakfast.
This chiffon cake made with lemmon peels and marmalade.


Pietro said...

It looks so nice and soft, it's certainly delicious!
Happy weekend, Ayamlin :-)

Anette said...

He is a lucky husband!

linda croissant said...

wow..yum yum..i wish i could eat it too!!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Thank you, Pietro!
I wish I brought you cake that I baked!
Have a lovely weekend:)

* Anette
Hi Anette!
How've you been?
Thank you for saying that:)
By the way is it still cold in your country?

* Linda
Hi Linda!
How's your last day in Japan?
oh, I wish I baked cake for you again...