Wednesday, March 24, 2010

good medicine for asthma


On the second day of three-day-holiday I was in the bed after my husband going to work.
I sometimes got up and watched American dramas. Then the phone rang.
It was from my sister’s husband. He said “ Are you fine? If you want me to get something,
I’ll bring it to you. “ to me.
I heard his voice after few weeks and talked to him various things automatically.
I had a terrible cough still. So I said “ These days it’s been tough days because of terrible coughs and I didin’t know anyone at the wedding party of my associate at work yesterday and I was lonely there. “ to him while coughing terribly.
He was listening to my stories while nodding and sometimes laughing and he asked me to eat out for dinner.
At night he picked me at my house also picked my husband at his work and he took us to a famous restaurant called “ Kimukatsu “ in Ebisu of Tokyo.
I watched fried pork called “ Tonkatsu “ at the restaurant and broth comes out from several-tiered sliced pork on TV. So I wanted to go there once at least.
There were many people who waited in line outside. But we were able to go into the restaurant earlier than we imagined.
Eating a piece of the pork, we took one look at each other.
And eating second piece of it, we tilted our head.
They were good but we didn’t see the difference between it and inexpensive familiar pork.
We were full and only thing that we could eat was some sweets.
But there weren’t café that still opened at 10 at night. So we got back to my house.
Our night was over after eating ice creams that we got at the grocery store with coffee.
By the way where’s the terrible coughing gone?
I couldn’t believe it but I almost didn’t have a cough.
A friend of mine said “ Asthma comes from stress and mentality sometimes. “ to me.
Probably it’s true.
I couldn’t seem to get well but one great night soothed my body and fixed it.
I hear it a lot but it’s true the body connects to mentality.
By the way the left side of this picture is a strage that was used for a Japanese drama.


linda croissant said...

oh i know that place..zest cantina in ebisu!!

yes i also think asthma is caused by stress..take care!!

ayamlin said...

Hi linda!
Oh, you do?
actually I didn't know the place before.
even I live in Tokyo, I haven't been to various famous places in Tokyo!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, this is a very nice reading! I hope now you feel well and asthma has gone away!
About sweets, I don't eat many; however, I am thin in spite of everyday's pasta and some chocolates and tiramisù!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your kindness:)
Oh, you're slim even though you eat pasta, choco also tiramisu!
Do you work out?

Maria said...

Aya, do you mean leos janacek
In once saw an opera by Janacek in Brno (Czech Republic) - but how do you know Janacek?
BTW the food looks delicious!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thanks for telling me about him.
Actually I'm not sure about him.
I'm reading a book written by Haruki Murakami.
( here it is.
And Janacek is in it.
I haven't listened to his music.
Do you like his music?
Is it good?