Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tokyo marathon 2009*2


Well, my story about Tokyo marathon hasn’t finished.
I was working on cheering on my mother.
I went to Ginza after it and my body got cold because I waited for mother in the rain for an hour. I wanted to have something hot for my cold body.
Establishments didn’t open yet and nobody was on the back road in Ginza.
I didn’t have time. So I went to McDonald and ate a set of hamburger.
Hot coffee made my body warm.
But I didn’t take time to eat and watched the stop-watch.
I know my mother gets to the 20km-point after two hours since she started.
I wanted to go there earlier and waited for her. So I couldn’t be relaxed there.
I walked fast and went to the main street in Ginza.
When I went there, I saw a uncomfortable thing….
Some male runners peed in front of the shops.
On the day it was really cold and I understand they must’ve wanted to pee.
But nobody pees in front of the entrance of own house. I want them to watch their manners.
I lost feelings to cheer them on and stood on the side of road while seeing runners.
Then I found mother! She ran on time.
I ran aside her and followed her while taking two pictures of hers to Nihonbashi.
And then I stopped to follow her and went to work to go to the bathroom.
And I got back to the side of the road again.
Even though I waited for mother to take pictures but she might run through there when I saw other places for a while and I couldn’t find her at all.
I kept running on the side of the road to the goal but after all I couldn’t catch up her.
When she called me after the goal, I was on my way to the goal.
When the marathon was started, it was raining but it stopped raining and let up in the afternoon. The sun came out and it was sunny.
Is it like life, isn’t it?
When I saw runners, I really wanted to run.
It was not easy to go to cheer mother on coz I had to get up early.
But it gave me a good influence and I was pleased to be able to cheer mother on in the race.
I enjoyed Tokyo marathon as a supporter this year, too.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, these are two nice posts about Tokyo marathon! The pictures are really beautiful!
About your question, when I worry about something, surely I go to the church; I pray often in the day also if I am not worried, sometimes I go to the church just for a brief visit.
Happy new week! :-)

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for saying that:)
When you worry about something and go to the church, God gives you some answer?
Last year I went to the church when I had some worries, tears came out of my eyes without knowing.

Maria said...

Hi Aya, it was very nice to read your impresisons from the Tokyo marathon! Your mother is reaaly good! I would not be able to run a mile without collapsing! ;)
Have a nice week!
PS: Here in Vienna, winter has come back, we have temperatures below 0°C again, and some snowfall. But I like the cold temperatures this year so much!

ayamlin said...

* Maria!
Hi Maria!
thank you so much for your kind comment:)
I'm jogging often after Tokyo marathon but then I caught a cold. ahaha!
have a lovey week, Maria:)