Friday, March 05, 2010

Tokyo marathon 2009* 1


I have to get up in the early morning when Tokyo marathon is held.
It’s like when I go snowboarding and I got up at 5:30 in the morning.
I thought it’s a hassle to go a little bit when I was walking to the station in the rain.
I tweeted “ come join Tokyo marathon! “ on Twitter and left home.
Even though it was in the early morning when I got on the train, I found a boy who read a mystery book in the seat. He wore uniform of elementary school.
He must’ve borrowed the book at the library and the tanned book reminded me.
being a student in elementary school.
I used to read the same mystery books also Lupin and Sherlock Holmes that I borrowed at the library.
Of course the hard cover books turned brown already.
I met up with mother in Shinjuku and we went to the basement of a familiar building as usual.
People were excited and nervous just before the marathon and when I’m there, I think I really want to run the marathon with them!
Mother got ready and I split her and went to Shinbashi.
Till last year my sister was there, too. So we had hot coffee and something light while being relaxed. But this year I was alone and I wasn’t in the mood to have coffee alone.
So I stood on the side of the road around Uchisaiwaicho for hour.
I was able to get a spot because there were only few people.
Shoes for running has mesh fabric on the upper surface of them.
That’s why water got in shoes easily and my feet got really cold when I waited for mother.
After a while a police car went through and a police bike went through slowly.
Then wheelchair runners ran through really fast.
They were not much runners as Honolulu marathon but it was very impressive and
They were really cool.And then the first runners group appeared and general runners appeared.
The spot where I waited for my mother was 10km-point. So many runners ran the road.
So I couldn’t seem to find her. I was disappointed coz I waited for her for an hour.
And I took a picture of my face. Then my mother found me and said “ Aya “
Oh, I gotta take pictures of her! And I was able to good pictures of her:)

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