Saturday, March 20, 2010



Last night I had a terrible cough all night. So I went to doctors before going to a wedding.
Actually last night the doctor recommended me to use an inhalator for asthma.
But I didn’t wanna take various medicines and I had a confidence in my strong body.
So I didn’t say yes to him.
But last night it was tough and finally I decided to take it.
This hasn’t worked yet and I can’t stop coughing when I talk, laugh and so on.
Speaking of “ finally”, finally I started to read a book written by Haruki Murakami
nameed 1Q84.
But I didn't buy it and I borrowed it from an associate at work.
Before reading it, my heart is kind of pounding.
It's been a while since I felt this feeling.
I like him very much and I really love his some books but there're some books that I couldn't
understand how good it is.
I hope I like it.
When I'm absorbed in his stories, I go into his world and I kind of can't get out of it. It could influence real life.
I haven't felt this feeling when I read other author's novels.
His stories just began.
Tomorrow I’ll take a rest and enjoy reading it after getting well.
By the way I took this picture at the establishment for a wedding today.


Maria said...

Dear Aya, I hope you get well soon! I also know the feeling when you read a book and get totally absorbed in the story!
The wedding picture is very elegant!
Sleep well and get healthy!

ayamlin said...

Hi Maria!
Thank you for your kindness:)
I'm getting well day by day.
In Japan we're having three-day-holiday from Saturday to Monday.
Oh, it's almost end!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I really hope you feel well now. I like very much the photo!
Have a good reading and a happy new week!

ayamlin said...

Hi Pietro!
What a coincidence!
Probably we go to the blog at the same time:)
I'm getting well very much:)

linda croissant said...

hi aya
i am home problems..i love haruki murakami too!!
maybe u have hay fever?

ayamlin said...

Hi Linda!
oh, you like Haruki, too?
I really like him:)
no no, I don't have a hay fever:)
I'm lucky I don't have it because even monkeys have a hay fever in Japan!