Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Mother wins yet


Last Saturday it was a beautiful day.
Waking up in the morning, I was in the bed while thinking is my mother gonna jog on the side
of the river today, too?!.
Around 11 the phone rang. 
I knew who called me.
Of course it was mother.
She said “ It’s brilliant sunny day. Wanna jog? “
I got dressed quickly and left home.
I should’ve wore a T-shirt not sportswear because it was kind of hot also it was windy
as spring.
There is a lot of dust in the air when it’s windy. That’s why it’s the worst condition
for me because of wearing contact lenses.
So at first I jogged while tears running because of a lot dust and I didn’t enjoy jogging.
My mother changed the course where there isn’t much dust and I was able to jog easily.
And she took me to places where you can see beautiful Japanese plum blossoms.
Then my complain, “ I should’n’ve jogged when it’s windy.” was gone.
We saw a egret like a smugly woman on the pond and it looked cute.
It’s much fun to jog with somebody more than to jog by myself.
After around an hour and a half hour suddenly my engine started and much power came out
from the inside of my body.
My mother beat me even though I speeded up.
Oh, mother wins yet.
This is my mother with plum blossoms.


Maria said...

Wow, it's soooo interesting to read what you tell about jogging! I only jogged twice in my life for one hour (so far). But it must be totally cool when you run and run and run, and suddenly you feel strong and, as you say, your engine starts and power comes out from inside! I never felt something like that!
I envy you for your mother who invites you to go jogging on aSunday morning and protects you from the wind! :)
Aya, I'm sure that we will drink a glass of wine togetherin Vienna one day - or I'l bring a bottle of wine to Tokyo and we will drink it there under the cherry and plum trees :)
Ahhh, dreaming is so beautiful!
Have a nice week, Aya. So long!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, what a beautiful post! I enjoy a lot what you tell about jogging and the wonderful photo! In fact contact lenses are not the best when it's windy.
Have a nice day :-)

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
Thank you for your sweet comment!
I hadn't imagine I was gonna jog in the futher when I was young.
because I used to smoke and I used to like smoking.
After quitting smorking I've gained weight. That's why I started to jog.
It works not to start to smoke again.
I'm jealous of you, too.
you lost much weight already.
I always decide not to eat much. but I can't do it!
Oh, that's why I have to jog.
by the way sounds fantastic! tonight I'm gonna go to bed while imagining to drink glass of wine with Maria:)
I must have the dream tonight!

Hi Pietro!
Thank you for saying that:)
I'm happy to read it:)
I can't see anything without contact lenses.
Do you use contact lenses?
These days many people have surgery for short-site in Japan.
I'm scared to do it. that's why I use them:)

Marina said...

Isn't it beautiful to share some time with your mum? Even if she wins you?
It seems that our politicians have the same habbits as yours! They "steal" money and then they put extra taxxes in order to fill the gap! I hate them and myself for voting some of them!
I'm very stressed lately, so I thought that it's a nice idea to go to the theatre with my hubby tomorrow. As we say in Greece " povetry needs wellfare":)I'll post something during the weekend.

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
Thank you for saying that!
I'm so happy to read your comment:)
by the way every politician in every country is the same??
We, housewives, can save money much better than them!
I'm looking forward to reading your new post:)
Have a lovely weekend:)

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I also am afraid of surgery, every kind of surgery!! I don't use contact lenses!