Monday, October 06, 2008

the last snorkeling in Guam


We had to chek out at noon on the last day in Guam.
So we had only few hours to be in the sea.
My husband took his time while blowing up a beach ball on the beach.
I couldn’t wait for him and started swimming slowly to my mother in the shore.
But I was care about him. So I waited for him on my way to my mother.
He caught up me while swimming slowly with a beach ball.
I said “ I’ll swim ahead not wait for you.” to him. He said “ Yeah, OK! “ So I started doing the crawl.
And I saw next to me while swmming. He swam ahead with fins even though he swam very slowly.
I moved my hands and my legs quickly. But he swam faster than me even though he swam only by his legs but also with fins and a ball.
Ummm, I laughed automatically and a little water flew into my nose!
We enjoyed snorkeling until just before leaving the hotel. But actually we wanted to snokel more. We stayed in Guam only for two days and a half day. But it was very fun.
After getting back to Japan I wrote down about this trip and then this story was longer than I imagined.
Two weeks passed since getting back to Japan. Recently it’s getting cold in Tokyo.
So when I wear a skirt not wearing stockings, my legs get cold.
The season that I enjoy wearing anklets is over and I put anklets in the box.
So, what am I gonna take out instead of it?


doggybloggy said...

how long were you on vacation?

Webradio said...

Hello Ayamlin !
Belle photo, et joli texte...

L'ile est toute petite...
Est-ca un bâteau...

See You later.

Maria said...

Hello Aya,
what a beautiful phicture of the sea and the sky above! The different shades of blue are overwhelming!
A am happy that you enjoyed your vacation!
Here in Vienna, summer is over and we also have to wear stockings!
Have a nice week!

Pietro said...

Wonderful photo, Ayamlin! I like the colors of the sea and the sky.
It's very good that you think of God in the Bible. In these days in Rome there is the reading of the whole Bible (it goes on 6 days). About me, yes, I am Christian.
Have a nice week!

Marie Reed said...

That water is just gorgeous! I am in a dream!

SandyCarlson said...

Time for long pants, friend!

I enjoyed this post. I so love to swim out, out, out!

Wonderful photo.

ayamlin said...

* doggybloggy
Hello doggybloggy!
It was very short, I took 3 days off.
and we stayed in Guam 2 days and a half day.

* Webradio
Hello webradio!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
it's not boat:)
kids swam with floats:)

babooshka said...

Waht fun, a such a beautiful serene image.

Maria said...

Dear Ayamlin, thank you, I will wait patiently although I am so curious ;)
You are so sweet! Thank you!
I am very happy!

marina said...

After a few rainy and cold days the weather is hot again here. Imagine that I wear shoes without socks and T-shirts all day long!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hello Maria!
Thank you so much for your kind comment:)
there were really much beautiful scenery on the beach in Guam:)
By the way I'm wearing stocking, too these days:)
It hasn't been cold. it's very comfortable:)
Have a nice week, you too:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your sweet comment:)
by the way there are a lot of fantastic church in Italy.
also Vatican is in Roma.
So you're happy, right?:)
I like going to the chruch:)

* Marie Reed
Hi Marie!
Thank you for your comment:)
Yes, it was really beautiful!
I wish I were there for a long time.

ayamlin said...

* SandyCarlson
Hi Sandy!
Thank you for your comment:)
Yes, I gotta wear long pants already!
I like swimming in the sea,too!

* babooshka
Hi babooshka!
thank you for your comment:)

* Maria said
Hi maria!
thank you!
I'm pleased to read your message:)
I think I wanna send them next week!

* marina
Hi marina!
These days it's been cool in Tokyo.
it's very comfortable!
In Japan we say " Fall is good for enjoying eating also doing sports."