Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tartelettes au chocolat


Last Tuesday it was my first time to go to school for making sweets.
This time I baked Tartelettes au chocolat.
It feels like long time even if it takes 2 hours to make sweets at my house.
But when I made it at school, I felt like short time.
I bumped into my friend who introduced me this school there and we said hi and talked about something while doing dishes. It reminded me home economics’s class in junior high. People do tools in line. If I were at my house, I would take a lick the spoon.
But I shouldn’t do that there even if I wanna do that.
Well, I made the crust of Tartlettes and baked it with aluminum stones.
Then I put filling in it and baked it again. When I removed it from molds, I couldn’t seem to do it.
The teacher tried to remove it instead of me. And then the filling of chocolate fell out from the pie.
Oh, I totally didn’t imagine it. I feel uneasy. But I thought it was a small thing and I didn’t get angry.
The teacher poured some soft chocolate sauce and put it in fridge.
Opening the box and taking out the pie after getting home, chocolate fell out from it.
It was not good starting….Umm
By the way the pie is on the left side of the back line.


doggybloggy said...

what spectacular little tarts...I want one

Pietro said...

Those tartelettes look very good indeed!
Turin's chocolate speciality are the Gianduiotti, small milk chocolates in a particular shape.
Have a nice weekend!

Webradio said...

Hummmm... I "love" chocolat Ayamlin...
Nice photo...

Have a good day !

Maria said...

Oh what a story, although it sounds so hard for it made me laugh a lot! Maybe the pie did not want to be baked (or eaten up?)
But it looks great! Yummie!

Gilbamar said...

Hi Ayamlin!

My wife has a blog only about recipes. If you want to know it link

Althoug my blog does'nt have recipes becouse it's about poetry I like to make friendship around the world and know anothers cultures. So your visit is really very wellcome.

Have a nice weekend.

jaejae said...

it's a little over 7pm here aya... and you know what? i haven't even had my lunch yet! seeing your photo makes me have dessert right away!

enjoy your weekend, my friend!