Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today's flower - tough morning glory


This flower is morning glory in my balcony.
The flower usually bloom in summer.
These days it's chilly in Tokyo.
I don't know why the morning glory bloomed yesterday.
but it was lucky to see it even though it's already fall!
I wanna make efforts like this flower:)


doggybloggy said...

that is beautiful flower and a beautiful statement - I too want to make efforts just like this flower!

Webradio said...

Nice photo...
Why only in summer ?

Have a good day !

mommaof4wife2r said...

it's soooo pretty. i love the purple of the flower.

Jeanne said...


Tabib said...

Glorious flower and words!

Pietro said...

Wonderful! The flower seems lighted from inside.
About sundials, they are always working because based on the sun light and on the shadow.
Have a nice week ahead!

Maria said...

Aya, your morning glory is a brave litte flower and so beautiful! I love the purple colour and the dewdrop! It seems to be as delicate as you are!
I have found a present for you and and will send it to you during the week!

Arija said...

Such a thing of beauty to greet you from your balcony, just enjoy and be grateful.

ayamlin said...

* doggybloggy
Hello doggyloggy!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
morning bloom is summer-flower like a sunflower.
It's almost November. oh, I haven't seen the morning bloom bloomed in almost November!
Yeah, let's make efforts and shine like this flower:)

* Webradio
Hello Webradio!
morning bloom is summer-flower like a sunflower!
So usually it doesn't bloom in October!
Have a good day, you too:)

* mommaof4wife2r
hello mommaof4wife2r!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased you said so:)

* Jeanne
hello Jeanne!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm plaesed to read that:)

* Tabib
Hello Tabib!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm more than willing:)

* Pietro
Hello Pietro!
Thank you for saying that.
your word is very beautiful!
Have a nice week, you too:)

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your sweet comment:)
I'm really happy to read it!
by the way, wow! thank you for getting something for me.
I'm so happy! I'm looking forward to getting them.
Thank you so much for doing that for me!

* Arija
Hello Arija!
Thank you for saying that.
I'm more than willing to read that;)