Friday, October 03, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** the last day in Guam ...the rainbow in the morning


On the last day in Guam I got up early with my sister’s husband and went jogging.
There were only few people and cars in the town. But there were hardly cars out of the town.
Only People who wiped the window of shops or people who jogged were there.
When we jogged the temperature was still low.
I followed my sister’s husband while taking pictures.
At the time we found the rainbow that was disappearing in the front of us!
It was very lucky to see the rainbow while jogging!
“ The early bird catches the worm.” is true!
Jogging for 45 minutes, we got to a kind of park and got back.
The sunshine started shinning strongly!
I was a little bit scared because I got too much sunburn when I came to Guam three years
ago. I didn’t want to experience that again.
I jogged faster in the sun and jogged slower in the shade
So we jogged fast and strongly. So my muscle got sore even after getting to Japan.
But It was very fun to jog in the early morning in the uncrowded town of Guam
If we hadn’t jogged, we would’n’ve seen various scenery.
When and where I’m gonna jog in the early morning?


Denise said...

Rainbows make for a beautiful photograph and this one is beautiful. Happy SkyWatch Friday.

Nancy said...

What an interesting rainbow! Nice picture.

jaejae said...

konichiwa, aya!

great timing. it pays when you exercise with a camera, right?

Michele Lee said...

Wow, how neat a little rainbow in the middle of the town. Great shot!

Carletta said...

Beautiful images! I think the rainbow was special to see you on your way that day.

Pietro said...

This is a wonderful rainbow photo, Ayamlin. The view is really great!
About my last post, yes, I took the picture in spring, during a trip to the mountains.

Webradio said...

Bonjour Ayamlin !
belle photo, encore... L'arc-en-ciel est jolie...
C'est bien de faire du jogging...
A plus tard.

fishing guy said...

Ayamlin: What a great photo, I haven't seen any rainbows this year except while going around the world with my friends.

marina said...

Something is wrong and I can't see your photos...Never mind...
I've promised myself that after I've finished with all my housecleaning I start joking. If I won't get bored...

antigoni said...

Very nice shot.

Maria said...

Aya, what a beautiful photo! Great!

marina said...

Ijust saw your photo! Very beautiful!

ayamlin said...

Thank you guys!
I'm more than delighted to read every comments:)
today I'm a little bit tired!
so I'm gonna write a message to you
and go over your blogs tomorrow:)

ayamlin said...

* Denise
Hello Denise!
Thank you for saying that:) I'm very pleased:)

* Nancy
Hello Nancy
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm really pleased:)

* jaejae
Konnichiwa! jaejae!
Yes, very good timing.
ahaha. actually I trained taking pictures for taking pictures of rainbows:)

ayamlin said...

* Michele Lee
Hello Michele!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm flattered.

* Carletta
Hello Carletta!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm more than delighted to read your comment:)
I hope something special happens:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm so pleased to read your comment:)
By the way if you feel like it, please post pictures of pasta that you ate in restaurant:)

* Webradio
Bonjour Webradio!
Thank you for saying that:)
I'm pleased:)
By the way " A plus tard " means " see you later "?
it is same as " a bientot"?

ayamlin said...

* fishing guy
Hi fishing guy!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm really flattered:)
it was my second time to see rainbows in this year:)

* marina
Hi marina!
thank you for coming to my blog twice!
I'm glad you were able to see the picture:)
and I'm pleased you said so:)

* antigoni
Hi antigoni!
thank you for your comment:)

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your comment:)