Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** beautiful sky and beatiful red leaves


Last weekend I went on a overnight trip to Yatsugatake with my family.
I had a small trouble before going traveling. But my family solved it.
I appreciated it and I’m happy to have such a nice family.
I and my sister used to go to Yatsugatake for a camp when we were in elementary school and junior high school. So it’s familiar for us.
This time we stayed at the establishment where we used to stay when we were in elementary school and junior high.
Of course we have stayed since then. We were missed it and excited before going there.
And we said “ We gotta build camp fire and do folk dance! “ each other.
Speaking of which, There was the story when I heard it in junior high.
It’s haunted by ghosts in a room of the establishment, two people saw the dog in the establishment at the same time in the different place.
Oh, I remember test our courage in the grove and we fought with boys by pillows.
We were thrilled to hide from teachers who came to each room and we enjoyed hiding in the same Futon with others.
Remembering it, our voice must’ve reached to our teachers. I found out teachers allowed us.
This is scenery from the establishment.
It’s the beautiful sky and red Momiji.
It’s really beautiful and we liked it very much.


Webradio said...

Hello Ayamlin !
Your sky is so beautiful !

And pretty history with ghost...

jaejae said...

oh, that's a fine shot on a fine day, aya! and yes... i know of some storied from camps & retreat houses, too. i think all camps' experiences have their own "ghost stories" to share! especially during elementary & junior days. a white lady, a floating headless lady, a sound of clanking, dragging chains, a person without face, slamming doors & windows, lights turning on & off... oh my, there's just so many! you know what? when i was in high school, i was known to be a prankster & bully. i'd trick my classmates often and scare them a lot during camp days and retreats! one time, when everybody's sleeping, i left muddy footprints and trickles of ketchup (mixed with a little water) on the floor! hahaha! everyone wanted to go home the following day except me! that was so hilarious!

Migs CFL fan said...

Outstanding colors. Thanks for sharing!


Enigma said...

Oh I definitely like this one! Great contrast! I had a similar idea with my contribution. Stop over and take a look when you have a moment.

Pietro said...

This is a very attractive landscape, Ayamlin! Those red leaves are so beautiful on that bright sky.
Enjoy Sky Watch!

Arija said...

Beautiful dark red leaves against your blue sky.

Louise said...

Absolutely beautiful! I looked around a little more, too, and I'll be back!

ayamlin said...

* Webradio
Hello Webradio!
Thank you so much for saying that.
I'm pleased to read your comment:)
I enjoy seeing your picture, too:)

* jaejae
Hi jaejae!
Thank you so much for your long comment.
Oh, you have a sense of humor!
I like it!ahahaha!
You must've enjoyed tricking your friends when you were in high school.
I cam imagine how you enjoyed it!
I wish I could do it with you!!!
By the way when I stayed in Victoria of Canada, there was a rumor of ghost.
I heard a female ghost lived at a school where I used to go to!
and can I ask you something?
you said " I'm from Philipine. " to me before.
How do you learn English? your English is so great and I wanna be like you!

* Migs CFL fan
Hello Migs CFL fan!
thank you for your comment:)
I'm more than delighted:)

* Enigma
Hello Enigma!
thank you for your comment!
I'm happy you like this picture:)

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for saying that!
I'm looking forward to seeing your fall's scenery in Italy!

* Arija
Hello Arija!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm happy you said so:)

* Louise
Hello Louise!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
I'm pleased to read your comment:)

imac said...

Love the contrast in colours

Marie Reed said...

Hiiii! I am in Germany until Wed! I will send you something German directly from here.)

namaki said...

This is a nice picture ! this red tree is beautiful against that blue blue sky !

mommaof4wife2r said...

nice leaves....ours are finally turning. so fun!

Lily Hydrangea said...

pretty pretty mountains in the back too!
What a great thing to do, to go & re-visit a place where you have fond childhood memories.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

beautiful sky and beautiful fall colors!

Maria said...

Hallo Aya, this is a wonderful shot! My mother has such a red-leaved bush in her garden and loves it very much. We call it Japanese maple or so. It has tiny leaves and turns into deep ruby in autumn!
Maybe someone brought it from Japan to Europe once!
I am longing forward to your present :) I am already very curious!
Have a nice weekend!

Steven said...

Beautiful !

doggybloggy said...

you do have a beautiful sky and those mountains make it even more beautiful

marina said...

Hi Ayamlin! I hope you can visit me now without any problems. Thanks to my hubby it has been fixed. Thanks for telling me about it!
Your post is beautiful and so clear like a poster! And your memories are accessorial to it...

Jeannelle said...

Your photo scene is fabulous! Good choice for SkyWatch! Greetings from Iowa, USA.

ayamlin said...

* imac
Hello imac!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased:)

* Marie Reed
Hi Marie!
Oh, are you in Germany? wow!I've never been to Germany!
I'm jealous of you!!!
wow! Thank you so much for sending me something from Germany.
I appreciate it:)

* namaki
Hello namaki!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm happy to read it:)

* mommaof4wife2r
Hi mommaof4wife2r!
Thank you for saying that:)
I'm pleased:)

ayamlin said...

* Lily Hydrangea
Hello Lily Hydrangea!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
We enjoyed seeing pretty mountains and staying there.
I wanna re-visit there again:)

* Laura ~Peach~
Hello Laura ~Peach~ !
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased to read it:)

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment:)
Wow! Your mother has Japanese maple!
wow! I'm more than delighted. Probably the name is Momiji or Kaede!!
Oh, I wanna see her garden:)
Turning red one is beautiful also fresh green one in spring is beautiful, too?
By the way I'm happy you're looking forward to getting something from me!
Have a nice weekend, you too:)

ayamlin said...

* Steven
Hello Steven!
Thank you for your comment:)
I appreciate it:)

* doggybloggy
Hello doggy loggy!
Thank you for saying that:)
yes, we enjoyed seeing those mountains and changing leaves:)

* marina
Hello marina!
Thank you for your comment:)
Oh, it was great! Thank you for fixing:)
by the way yes, there were beautiful scenery there!
it's far from Tokyo. but I wanna go there again:)

* Jeannelle
Hello Jeannelle!
Thank you so much for saying " fabulous "!
I'm very happy you said so!

Migs CFL fan said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your comments are very much appreciated. And yes of course you can put my link up on your site, thank you very much.


antigoni said...

Very beautiful picture.

ayamlin said...

* Migs CFL fan
Hello Migs CFL fan!
Thank you for everything!
please get along together:)

* antigoni
Hello antigoni!
Thank you for saying that:)
I'm very pleased!