Friday, September 02, 2011

the more, the merrier!


On the 49th day of my baby’s birth my sister’s family got back to hometown when They were during the summer vacation.
We spent exciting time on the weekend after a few month.
They said “ He’s becoming much bigger!” about my baby son,
It was a really muggy day but at night there was a nice wind. So we were able to spend time safe and sound even at the room where weren’t any air conditionings.
Thinking of it, we’ve been worried what we should do if the electricity went out this summer.
It was good to be able to spend time safe and sound in summer.
Probably many Japanese people think we can live without the nuclear plants.
Putting that aside, I had my shoulders and back massaged also pulled my neck by my sister on the day. It felt really good and my body got well even though it had been hurt.
Thanks to sister!
On the 50th day of my baby’s birth there is a lot of window in my parents’ house.
That’s why the wind feels so good also the living room gets a lot of sunshine.
So my baby son sleeps comfortably and he looks like he feels nice.
He hardly waked up in the middle of the night and I didn’t need breastfeeding.
So when I pumped my breast milk, I was surprised to get 100ml milk at least.
My baby son was talking a lot on the day. Probably he enjoyed spending time with his cousin and uncle.
In addition when my sister was singing, he was singing with her.
It was a wonderful weekend.
The more, the merrier!
We’ll get a lot of fun thing from now on!
By the way this picture is my baby son and I. We were playing in the hanged laundry.

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Jean said...

I love this photo of you and your handsome baby boy! It sounds as if you and your family had a wonderful time together. That is wonderful, Ayamlin.