Thursday, August 28, 2008

I almost.....


Last night when I got to the station, it was pouring.
I waited for stopping raining at the station. Then I found a street shop of fruits even
though usually I don’t care.
He sold peach, grape and pear. The sign said “ 7 pears for \300 “.
It’s inexpensive. But I wondered if he would steal them somewhere?! and I didn’t buy them.
Then some people stopped there and bought them.
Seeing people buying, I thought I’d better buy it and I said “ Can I have 7 pears?”
And then the old man said “ 7 pears for \700 is this small pear. So you can buy
the big pear. I’ll sell you 5 pears for \1000. “ to me.
Isn’t it strange? The price of pear changed from \300 to \1000 in a moment.
The man said “ You can buy it with peach or grape “ to me before me saying no.
When I couldn’t do anything, an old woman cut in and said “ Give me peach and grape.”
I thought it’s time to leave! I ran away there.
Ummmm, I almost pay \1000 instead of \300.
God! Street shops are kind of danger. It’s the same whole entire world.
** Today’s menu **
+ saute of Tuna
+ grilled pumpkin
+ fried and deep cooked egg plant
+ Tomato salad
+ Cold Yuzu-Tofu with original miso
+ Natto, Kombu sea weed boiled in soy sauce


Maria said...

Mmmmmh your food looks delicious! And I think it is also very healthy. Here in Europe everybody eats too much meat and not enough vegetables and fruit and people get heart diseases and colesterine problems...
Now it is a trend to eat more often the healthier mediterranean and asian food, and it is now called "mediterrasian" food.

The story with the changing prize is strange!

Maria said...

Ayamlin, thank you for sending me the link for the camera critters. I think I will also post something for "today's flowers" and for "Sky watch friday". :)

ayamlin said...

* maria *
Hi maria!
Thank you for your sweet comment as usual:)
Yeah, we eat a lot of vegetable.
In Japan macrobiotic food is coming in. I don't do it but people who like it eat only vegetables. I can't do it but I try to eat various vegetables:)
Actually I eat much. So I need vegetables.ahaha!

jaejae said...

hahahaha! that was truly almost a rip off! i have friends there in tokyo and whenever we talk about the currency, it makes me wonder if the prices of the goods there are really that high! they said that the costs are not really as high as the price tag. it is actually the currency value. interesting!

mommaof4wife2r said...

anytime you need someone to eat with, let me know! your menu looks delicious. i love tomatoes...

beware of the street vendors...they can be very tricky!