Thursday, August 14, 2008

the first day of summer vacation


On the first day of the summer vacation I didn’t go out all day.
I had plans to visit my friend. So I baked some cookies and did laundry.
In addition I sewed some coasters with linen stash of fog that I got from mf-san and I sewed a lining for my black skirt.
Yes, I lost the thin lineing of my black skirt that I wore last year.
I thought I had to buy it again. But it’s waste of money I thought. That’s why I bought a black fablic and I tried to make it.
I stitched while seeing a movie. I don’t have sewing machines.
So I did something like that all day.
The movie that I saw is “The Pursuit of Happyness “. Will Smith with his son starred in the film. This time he didn’t act gorgeous people. It means there weren’t action scenes and he wasn’t popular among girls in the film.
It was a simple part. And the father that he acted was a good father who raised his son as posible as he could. The point was touching.
In this movie there was a scene that Will Smith explained that the difference from“ probably “ to “ possibly” to his son.
Seeing it, I found out the difference, too.
By the way this picture is cookies that I made from a recipe.
I brushed them with egg.
Yes, I got the brush from mf-san few days ago.
I used not to use a brush even if I had to use it. Because I didn’t have it.
But I can brush something with something from now on!


Lara said...

from time to time is so nice to just sit back and relax! and the cookies look delicious :)!

Maria said...

Oh Aya, what a nice day you spent! The cookies look yummie!
What a nice start of your summer vacation!
BTW, we could not make our three days' hiking trip because heavy rains and thunderstorms came from the west and cold temperatures, so we stayed at home. So I have three free days and may do what I like best! Yesterday I have cleaned the flat and today I will (maybe) do some ironing. My husband has just shot some pictures of me while I am posting. I think I will blog them...
Hugs, Maria
And: thanks for the info on the trees! :D

ayamlin said...

* Lara *
Hello Lala!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
Yes, I like just sitting back at home on holidays:)
By the way I made these cookies without butter:)

ayamlin said...

* Maria *
Hi! maria!
Thank you for your sweet comment:)
My summer vacation is almost over:(
It's so saaaad:(
It's only for five days.
Isn't it short, right?
How about your country?
Can you take the summer vacation longer?
By the way I'm so sorry you coundn't go hiking!
Actually today in Tokyo there was a thunder storm, too because of typhoon.
Are you tired now? because ironing is one of hard houseworks, right?
After ironing my shoulders get stiff.

rainer said...
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Maria said...

Oh yes, ironing is not very pleasant work. I have a post called Mount Ironing
showing how high it can get :)
So sad that your summer vacations are over now. Is it correct that you cannot take more than 1 week in Summer?
Sometimes I took 4 weeks in July at once, but it is not always possible, we are only 3 persons in our offices. Mostly we take one or two weeks at once, and I often take a free day each month to do some housework.
I have 5 free weeks per year. And how many do you have?
I can take them when I want to, but I must coordinate with my colleagues and see how work permits. So I am not so free as it sounds ;(

ayamlin said...

* Maria *
Hi! maria!
Thank you for your comment:)
I saw your picture. It's very fun:)
You have a sense of humor.
by the way my summer vacation was only 5 days from Tuesday to Sunday.
What does you mean you have 5 free weeks per year?
it means paid holidays?
I have 20 days for paid holidays.
yeah, I am the same as you.
I ask someone to cover for me during my vacation.
I work at a Japanese big company.
I got transferred last January.
now my work is accounting.
Actually I don't like accounting:(