Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In life various waves come and go.The wave that is coming to me is the wave that is making sweets.For starters, doing it is more important than thinking about it.So I decided to ride this wave!I have to choose school with a small budget though.Next Saturday I’m going to see some school where a French pastry runs in Aoyama.I’ve been looking forward to going there.Even in the Afternoon when is the hottest time in a day if you see a woman walk in Aoyama,that’s me!Meeting school is the same as meeting new friends. I must meet the new future through the school.So I’m kind of excited to go into the new world.After all I went to only one English school. But I met a good teacher also friends there.So I think there was an amazing bond with the school.There must be another bond with the next school.I wanna follow the bond and start going to the school until fall.By the way this picture is recent me, my sister and my mother.I introduced you guys my sister and my mother for the first time.

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