Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I’m kind of not good at communicating with people.When I go into a new place, I get nervous and it takes time to get used to being there.That’s why it was very hard after just getting transferred. I didn’t have any friendsand my heart always pounded. There were a lot of bad thing and I often got diarrhea.But I tried to keep smiling, saying “Hello “ to everybody and I pretended not to realizeit so when somebody was upset or something.And then I was able to get comfortable place at work.People who weren’t closed are getting interested in me and talked to me.On a day a person talked me about her worries while crying, on another day a personasked me to go drinking.Relationships are very difficult. But I might manage to do that if I didn’t forget it.At the ex-division I learned something from colleagues when I was with them at the samedivision for a long time.They managed to do with customers and people who got angry well.The art is not getting upset even if they get angry at someone.Sometimes they pretend not to realize their anger and sometimes tried to laugh.The laugh made a good atmosphere and it made them calm down.It takes much time to get a knack for it.The laugh is difficult for me and I can’t use it well like them.Sometimes you can spend calm time and sometimes you have trouble with something.I wanna go through even if it’s bad time.By the way I took this picture in Aoyama last weekend.If there were such a nice place on the front of the living room, I would be more comfortable!

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