Friday, August 08, 2008

After finding many insects in the kitchen we threw away a lot of stuff in the drawer in thekitchen. Per say, cartooning boxes of sweets, used candles, utensils that I hardly use and such. I’m comfortable after throwing away a lot of stuff like after having my hair cut.I have to think about it more when I wanna buy something.I realized it’s not eco-friendly to throw away stuff after buying it.Speaking of which, when I visited my sister on the other day, her house was organizedand cleaned up.A lot of stuffed animal and displayed toys were gone.I wanna clean up my house in few days. I put a lots recipe on magazines in the cabinet. Also I have a lot of accessory and make-upitem that I can’t seem to throw away.The first thing that I have to do after cleaning up is not buying everything that I wannabuy. By the way this picture is dinner for myself on the other day.I got the head of alfonsino. I was really pleased to eat it because I had been wanting to eat it.


Tommy said...

WOW what a sunset.

ayamlin said...

* Tommy *
hello! thank you so much for your nice comment:)
I'm very pleased!