Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last Monday I had dinner after getting home and took a shower soon.
And I prepared for the game of badminton.
Of course I didn’t have games I prepared for seeing Olympic game of Japanese athletes'.Turning on!! Turning on strongly!
I used to join a badminton club in junior high. Yes, I used to practice it very hard.
It means I dedicated myself it.
Seeing the game, my arms moved without knowing.
I couldn’t help standing up! And then I swung my arm while moving from side to side
at the living room.
I took a full swing and hit high-clear!
I couldn’t stand not doing it. I really wanted to play badminton!
Actually my sister used to join the badminton club, too.
She used to be a leader of it in high school.
While seeing the game I called my sister a lot.
I said “ Do you really want to play badminton? “ to her.
We decided to play badminton on Friday.
We’re playing badminton after a long time. I wanna really play it hard!
For starters I wanna swing away.
I know it but sports are really nice!
By the way this picture is a tree called “ Sarusuberi “ at some house.
There was a cherry blossom beside badminton court.
After cherry blossoms being in full bloom caterpillar often fell in the court! .
I miss being in junior high.


Maria said...

Dear Ayamlin, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! You are so nice that you always come and say such nice and sweet things! Thank you very much!
And I will check what except shushi we get here in the Asian restaurants and I will also ask Tim (he is 16) what he knows about Japanese food!
I saw the good hamburger you cooked and posted some days ago. Yummie, that looks great! And your story about visiting your relatives is very nice because it reminds me of visiting my own relatives.
Funny that you are inspired by the Olympics and begin to play badminton again. I think it is good to go in for sports, but it is still better if you have somebody who comes with you, like your sister does.
The picture with the pink tree is wonderful! Is it spring in Japan now? I never know things like that. Australia is winter now, we have summer... Oh my God...
You said it was a cherry tree. I think we also have Japanese cherry trees in some parks. My husband says that there is a good relationship between Tokyo's and Vienna's town administration and at the occasion of their last visit to Austria, the Japanese friends brought some cherry trees as a present to Vienna and they grow in Stadtpark in Vienna now, with a sign sayint they are "a little greeting from Tokyo". I'll make a photo next time I pass by!
Dear Ayamlin, hugshugs, and have a nice weekend!
We will be hiking for three days, starting tomorrow morning! Enjoy your holidays!

Pietro said...

Lovely picture, Ayamlin. I enjoy it a lot!

ayamlin said...

* Maria *
Hi Maria!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
Do your relatives live near your house? My relatives live in Tokyo.
It's very convinient but it's kind of boring. because I don't have opportunities to go to countryside except going traveling.
Today I'm going to the gymnasium to play badminton with my sister and her husband. ( my hasband doesn't take summer vacation now.)
By the way I took this picture few days ago. this tree is called " Crape-myrtle" It's from China.
the pink color is deeper than cherry blossoms'.
I'm pleased there are some Japanese cherry blossoms in your neighborhood. We check the day of blooming cherry blossoms on TV news every spring in Japan.
We look forward to seeing them every year. It's really beautiful.
it's very Japanese. and I'm glad you like that, too:)
and I'm more than delighted our countries have good relationships:)
Thank you for telling me:)
and have a nice hiking:)
please come back safe and sound:)
and I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures:)

ayamlin said...

* Pietro *
Thank you so much for your sweet comment as usual:)
I'm really pleased:)
and I always look forward to seeing your blog:)