Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last Saturday I went to see a school where a famous French pastry runs in Aoyama.Even chef of PierreHerme of his friends makes a demonstration to make sweets there oncea while. The chef is among the finest but friendly and nice.When I waited for seeing the lesson while reading a leaflet, the chef brought a pieceof three-layered cake that was made with raspberry sauce, cream and something.Of course it was incredible! I took a picture but it was blurred.That’s really bad!The lesson for beginners is beginning on October. For starters, I decided to take oneshort lesson at night on August.I’ve been not familiar with France before. But I’m pleased to be close with France thoroughmaking sweets.I wanna be a woman who can make good French sweets. But I don’t wanna give up toimprove my English.These days I staeted studying English at the table in the living room again.I wanna grow up a person who has confidence myself and loves myself.little by little.By the way this picture is the rainbow in the sky.My sister’s husband called me to teach it and I went outside quickly.What is the shinning light? Is that my flame of hope? Or……. something??


Maria said...

Dear aya, thank you for visiting my blog againg and for your nice words. I appreciate that you want to be my friend and I also want to be your friend, too.
Your blog is so interesting and nice and I like to read how you want to improve your English and how you learn to cook new food and sweets and how you are sad when your colleage leaves your firm.
It is all very touching!
Your picture:
I think that the light on your picture is the light of a comet rising high into the air. The comet is a symbol of your person. Together with the rainbow this means that you will be very lucky in the future! (This is my first attempt at telling a fortune but I am sure that everything will come true! :)

Maria said...

Oh now my dear, your sky is really great! This is your first Sky watch friday picture :)
Come and see my Sky Watch Friday Picture!

ayamlin said...

* maria *
Thank you for your very sweet comment. I'm really pleased more than you imagined!!!
Thank you sooooooooo much!
and I'm more than delighted you know my feeling!
and I'm more than willing you told me my blog is interesting and nice!!
How happy I am!!!
I'm really happy I was able to be your friend!!
and thank you for saying " you will be very lucky in the future."
I really hope so!!
By the way I wanna join " Sky watch friday!I'll go and see it from now on!!!