Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Last Wednesday I had an exam of TOEIC at work.
I got really nervous more than when I had it out of work.
This time other people that took the test were not strangers.
That was why I noticed other people.
So I was almost shaking due to getting nervous.
In the first place I have worked on the test since the beginning of this year.
I wanna know how it was going as soon as possible.
When I had thepart of the listening test, I thought it was very easy.
But the thing that I though was bad. Because I missed some lines during being spaced
out. I gotta be careful next time.
I thought time was enough. But when I finished the test, it was only 10 minutes before the finishing time.
Anyway if the result was good or bad, I enjoyed taking the test.Because I thought
I wanna study English from now on, too.
Many employees who joined the company at the same time took the test, too.
And I was pleased to talk with them after a long time.
Such emplyees are nice.I can be relaxed and they’re special for me.
By the way the result of it is good or bad, it’s not related my work. But I keep
Studying English and I wanna say “ I can speak English well.” with confidence.

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