Monday, August 25, 2008

ayar Mulot’s macaroon*


I learned to make macaroon that I really wanted to learn to make.
The oven at the studio can bake everything at high heat. And I used fine dry high-quality
almond powder and dried dry meringue.So I can make it beautiful.
I wonder if I make beautiful macaroon even at home?!
But I wanna practice it as soon as possible. So I’ll try it soon at home.
Friends who have been to France said “Macaroon that I ate in France has different taste
from Macaroon’s in Japan. “ It would be true.
The most important thing for macaroon is dryness.
It’s humid in Japan more than in France. That’s why macaroon in France tastes better
its in Japan.
Putting that aside, the macaroon that I made looks very beautiful.
I thought of it and I stared at it.
The macaroon is not Gerard Mulot’s. It’s ayar Mulot’s.
I gotta practice to make good macaroon!


doggybloggy said...

I need to try and make one of these...I have never even tasted one.

Maria said...

Mmmmhh the macaroons look delicious! My colleague and I immediately googled macaroons as we did not know them, and my colleage found a french site with 60 recipes. They look similar to your macaroons, but some are green or with chocolate, many different things.
You are such a good cook, I'd like to come over to you and tast your macaroons! :)
This is the link:

Maria said...
Now we know how to cook them!
What does ayar mean?

rainer said...

Thank you for putting my name on your sidebar! This is very kind of you and makes me very happy! Thank you dear Ayamlin! :)

Maria said...

Sorry, I used my husband's identity! It is me who wanted to thank you... :)

Pietro said...

I'd like to taste these macaroons, they must be very good!
Thanks for the link, I am very glad of it, Ayamlin!

Anette said...

They look very beautiful! Bet they taste good as well!

ayamlin said...

* doggybloggy *
Hi doggybloggy!
Thank you for your comment:)
yeah, macaroon is a worth a try:)

ayamlin said...

* Maria *
Hi! Maria!
Thank you for your lots of comments:)
macaroons are coming in in Japan.
They look very good. that's why women like it.
French sheff called Herme is very famous in Japan.
but it's way too exepensive!
So I haven't bought it.
Instead of buying it, I wanna make it:)
By the way thanks for telling me the website of recipe!
I'll check it later:)
thank you!

And thank you for saying that about the link.
Hearing it, I'm happy, too:)
I'm more than delighted to meet you, indeed:)

ayamlin said...

* Pietro *
Hi! Pietro!
thank you for saying that:)
I'm very happy:)
macaroon is very good!
Marie-Antoinette used to eat it, too:)
Try it:)

ayamlin said...

* Anette *
Hi Anette!
Thank you for saying that:)
macaroon looks pretty also tastes good:)
Try it:)