Monday, August 04, 2008

Yesterday I went to my favorite Korean restaurant for lunch with four women at the samedivision.It was a really hot day and the sunshine was really strong and shining.On such a hot day we ate hot “ Sundubu “ .The restaurant is a little bit far away from work. So we don’t see colleagues there.Probably that was why everybody started heating up their complaints about work.I felt like that my energy was sucked by everybody and I just nodded silently.Heading up, my eyes met an old man whom I get along with.He kind of smiled while seeing my colleagues.And when I paid money, he got me one more stamps at the discount car. These days colleagues talk to me their complaints and anger.Today when I talked with a woman who sits on the front of me, she suddenly cried dueto having a hard time probably.It’s kind of hard to work in this division. Everybody might express an opinion strongly.Sometimes we get tired.This week I’ve got to go to work even on Saturday. I gotta work a little bit harder this week, too.By the way this picture is Hakodate where it was snowing.My division need cool down a little bit.

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