Friday, August 08, 2008

Comfortable tiredness

Last Thursday it was the last day for my colleague at work.
I helped her task while doing my task. That’s why I got home at around 9:40 at night.
I got hungry. So I ate Sashimi that I got at the grocery store near my house, miso-soupand Japanese pickles. It was very simple dinner.
When I did the dishes after finishing eating, my husband emailed me and said“ Can I have dinner at home? “Lunch box that we call “ Obento “ at stores is not good and doesn’t have nutrition.So I made cold noodle with much vegetable and fried pork for him.
Time flied when I did that and it was over midnight.And then I thought I’d go to bed after taking a shower. But I decided to study English for a while.
After all I went to bed at around 1 in the morning.I was tired but I felt good.
And I had a comfortable sleep.Making some efforts and I can get a confidence and start to like myself.After doing a lot of things in a day I get tired but my mind gets well.
By the way this picture is the sunset that I saw before the big exhibition of fireworks.
When the sunset began, lanterns turned on.


Maria said...

Dear Ayamlin,
it is so nice to read what happened yesterday in your life. I also know the feeling when you have done a lot so that you find apeaceful rest afterwards and are satisfied.
I was very tired yesterday when I came home and ate a little and then slept for two hours. Then my husband wanted to watch a film from a video tape (Gloria, from the 1980ies, a John Cassavatis film, Gloria being a moll but saving the life of a six year old boy whose amily was shot by mafia killers. Gloria, without children of her own, falls in love with the boy, cares for him and changes her life.


Hugs, Maria

ayamlin said...

* maria *
Thank you so much for your sweet comment as usual!!
You only got 2 hours sleep!!
wow! Are you sleepy now?
Actually I I took a nap after cleaning my house.
It was very comfortable.
In Tokyo it's very muggy!
So I can't stop turning on the air conditioner.
How about your country?
I have an image there is dry air in Europe. So if it was hot, you wouldn't be uncomfortable, right?

Maria said...

Hi my dear!
Here we have summer and it is rather hot ( often up to 30°C). But it is three days hot without clouds, and then we have one day rain, then it is damp and then it gets hot and dry again. Sometimes we have summers with 4 to 6 weeks without rain and then it is extremely hot and airless in the cities. Vienna is a city with 2 million inhabitants, but lots of western winds. And we have large woods in the west of the city.

Today we have some rain, big warm drops, and it is a little cooler than before. Thats very comfortable.
Compaired with tropical regions, it is dry here. Mostly dry! Air conditioning is not commonly used here.

Is it also summer in Tokyo now?

I am happy that you like the friendship sign!

ayamlin said...

* maria *
Hi! maria!thank you for your comment again:)
I'm very pleased:)
In tokyo it's 0:13 in the morning.
today it's saturday.
I like Saturday.
Because the next day of Saturday is a holiday, too:)
tomorrow I'm going to my grandmother's house with my mother:)
by the way sometimes it rains heavily in Japan in Summer.
it's very strong like squal.
and sometimes the lighting hits something!

Maria said...

Thank you!