Monday, August 04, 2008

Last Sunday I went to an Italian restaurant for dinner with my family.My parents bought us dinner they tried to soothe me because of being hard time.This restaurant serves real pizza that was baked in the stone grist mill also has buffet.You can enjoy seeing the art that cooks throw the pizza crust high in the air for spreading.If I had been in the high school, I would’ve worked there, I thought.When I cut the fresh baked pizza, cheese extended because of melting.Pizza crust was right thickness. It was happy dinner.We ate salad, marine and desert, too and we were really satisfied there.After going to my parents’ house we were relaxed for a while. And then my husband and Irequested for playing card game called SOLO strongly. Even when we played card game,we said “ threeee “ aloud while making funny face. An Japanese comedian called “ Sekai noNabeatsu “ is really right now among my family.By the way I was a loser. But it was good a shop where we were able to buy good ice creamsclosed down. If there had been the shop there, I would’ve gone there to buy ice creams.My luck hasn’t turned against me.By the way this picture is grape and peach that my sister’s family bought in Yamanashi.It’s really incredible.I heard you don’t have to put peach in fridge. Because the sweetness lose after puttingin fridge. You should put in fridge in 10 minutes before you eat it.This few days we’ve eaten it with folk and sometimes bite the hole peach.We enjoy eating delicious food in summer.

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