Friday, August 22, 2008

Sleepy eyes and a calm sea


Last night I waked up around at 3 in the morning.
Seeing the next to me, my husband was gone.
I thought where he went to and looked for him in a PC room and bathroom.
Then I realized he still worked at the night.
I got back to the inside of soft and comfortable cotton blanket while wiping my sleepy eyes.
By the way eight months past since getting transferred to this division in the beginning of
this year. There are a lot of nervous people here. So I’m kind of under the stress.
But I don’t have trouble of relationships. So I work kind of calmly.
But there weren’t people whom I was interested in and I wanted to get along with after work
even though I got along with them at work.
I’m not a person who has another face at work. So it wasn’t kind of fun.
But a woman who is a temp stuff came to this division one month ago.
She is married and she’s been with his husband for a long time, too.
I haven’t known about her so much but she has something that I like. So we’ve grown
closed. I have a feeling she is gonna be my friend.
God must see me and he sends me people who can be my friend.
These days I’ve spent comfortable days. I hope the comfortable days aren’t over.
By the way this is “ Salad Udon “ that I served when my husband came home over
at midnight. I made it after a long time. I’ll make it one more time in this summer.


Maria said...

Ayamlyn, I just discussed with my husband if it is common to work so long at night here in Austria. He says it depends on the professon. If you run a restaurant, for instance, but then you begin later in the morning, or a journalist, or a business man whe runs his own company. Would be interesting to know where your husband works. We have here strictly regulated working times so I am a little surprised!
Thanks for visting my "sweet" blog"!
We had a very unquiet night today, there was a storm, not heavy, but the air was disturbed, all windows and doors groaning and squieking, and my dog trembled all the time. Now the wheather is better again!
Have a nice weekend!

Pietro said...

It's nice that God sends you people who can be your friends.
The salad looks very appetizing!
Have a nice day!

marina said...

What a beautiful idea to serve dinner next to a vase with a flower!

ayamlin said...

* Maria *
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your nice comment:)
Yeah, Japanese people work too much. I often think Japanese people live for working or work for living?
Most workers have to work overtime till late night.In my husband's case he is under pressure to meet a deadline. He has to do everything in a short term.
So he often works till next mornig.
It's too baaaad.
I don't think it's good.
but I can't help it...
By the way the heavy storm's gone already?

ayamlin said...

* Pietro *
Hi Pietoro!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
Yeah, I gotta say "thank God":)

ayamlin said...

* marina *
Hi! marina!
Thank you for notising the small vase:)I'm very pleased:)
this rose grows in my balcony:)