Monday, August 04, 2008

The good thing that I update blog is that blog is a good tool to remember this time lastyear.When I saw the articles this time last year, I got many vegetables and lavenders from my father-in-law. I said it to my husband. And then my husband emailed him even thoughI didn’t ask my husband it.He called us last weekend and sent a parcel to us.It smelled like lavenders from the box even though I didn’t open it yet.It’s not fake it’s domestic product and it was made without any use of pesticides.I’m really more than delighted to get such a nice present.When I met the father for the first time, I just started dating my husband.He looked not talkative. But now he is talkative.Last night he said “ Mother is away due to going to Yakushima. So it feels good and I’mrelaxed very much. I wish she was there for a long time. “Ahahaha. I cracked up.He sent it because of our request. But I was glad to get vegetables that he grew andhis smile.

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