Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Last Friday-night I went out with a colleague who taught me her work.The place where went to was like very house wife. She is getting transferred next month.She is strict about work. So sometimes it was hard to be with her. But she is a very good person. We’ve grown close bit by bit and we just got along together.So I’m very sad and I wanna be with her longer.I wanted to eat out together before her getting transferred.So I took her to the basement of the department store where I often go to.Because she is from a countryside in Japan.I came to this division after her. But being a housewife is longer than her.We took the subway to the basement of the department store while talking aboutvarious things. Getting there, it wasn’t still crowded because it was still early evening.There were only few discounted packs of fish there.So, we went to an Korean restaurant at the basement and ate Yukkejan-Cuppa whiletalking about various things.I heard when she met her husband for the first time, what he likes and her ex-division.She said “ I make the same dishes for dinner usually. “ to me before.So I got her a recipe book for farewell preset.After finishing eating it we went back to the crowded basement where was like battle area. She saw me who took some discounted packs of fish and said “ You’ re Pro-housewife!”We got some inexpensive vegetables and something on the day.I totally haven’t known something big trouble at home on the time.By the way this picture is dinner that I made with much vegetable that my father-in-lawgrew. It’s onion that he grew without any use of pesticides. I cooked it like a café where I went to before. Steaming it and made sauce like white sauce.Onion was very incredible. It was really sweet.


Maria said...

Hallo Aya, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment! I am appy that you enjoy the virtual travel through Austia!
I like your blog too and I think that the food looks very very good! You must be a good cook!

BTW: Do you know SKY WATCH FRIDAY? Here is the link to it:
It is a funny method to get to know many nice bloggers. Everyone posts a picture on a sky-related theme on Friday and signs in the list of participants. So you can visit many bloggers and will be visited by many. I think it is great fun!
Have a nice week, Maria

ayamlin said...

* maria *
hello! thank you very much for coming to my blog!!!
I'm more than delighted to meet you!
I really love your pictures!
by the way I don't know SKY WATCH FRIDAY! thank you for teaching me!
I'll check it later.
anyway I wanna be a friend of yours!
Have a nice week, you too:)