Monday, August 04, 2008

I worked last Saturday. I went to work later than usual because we're on flextime here.So I was able to get on the not packed train and be relaxed.It was not kind of harder than usual. After work I met up with my husband and went tomovies after a long time. The movie that we saw was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ” The story was very fun and the movie was very entertaining.A part of it was too fantasy. But the point was even good!Even if many enemies shoot the hero, the bullet can’t hit him.He never dies even if something happens.I like action movies like “ Die Hard “. But I like fantasy adventure movies like it.After movies we walked home due to my husband’s idea. We stopped by Macdnald and gotMac Shake on the way home.We walked while talking about various things. One of the topics was my work.I’m totally not interested in the job. But I found out that I seemed to want to know unknowntechnical terms.I’ve been wondering which job to choose and which direction to go.This worry must be one of happy worries. It’s like that this man is the one or that man isthe one. The answer must wave in the wind.By the way this picture is the sunset in New Caledonia.

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