Monday, August 11, 2008


My husband and I had to get on the train for the opposite direction as my parents and
my sister’s family. So we had to say good-bye at the stop near the place of the fireworks exhibition. That was why we wanted to go drinking around there.
But every joint was packed because of the fireworks exhibition.
So we decided to go home and went to the plat home.
There was a train that my sister’s family and my parents got on there.
I said “ bye bye “ to them. Then, my husband took my hand and got on the train.
My sister’s husband and my sister pat my husband’s shoulder and said “ All right! All right.
I know you missed us very much. “ to my husband.
My husband was embarrassed and grinned.
Putting that aside, there are things that I do even if I’d not better do that.
It’s comparing oneself with others and being jealous of the person.
For instance, in my case I’m jealous of full time house wives very much.
They can do laundry in the afternoon also hung and dry Futon.
And they have time for themselves in the afternoon. Also they’re not under stress about relationships among people at work.
They can see their friends and learn something during free time.
The way they spend time is totally different from me. Because I spend time at work
from the morning to the night.
Sometimes I’m really jealous of them and wanna be a full time house wife.
But I can’t be a full time house wife. So it’s bitter to think of it.
But I was able to get out of it few days ago.
Because I remembered a story of my frined’s.
She told me she was jealous of her friend who lived in the beautiful house when she visited her friend.
She thought she wanted to be her or not. And then her answer was “ No. “
It doesn’t mean she thought her life was better than hers. It means if she was her friend,she could’n’ve meet her son.
I thought of it like her. And then I thought I was glad to live my life.
And my mind became clear.
If God said “ Do you want to change another person’s life that you’re jealous of from tomorrow? “, I would’ve not wanted to leave from my family.
Thank God!! I’m more than delighted to thank God and to realize that I’m happy because my family has very strong bond.


Pietro said...

Nice post, Ayamlin. An unwavering family harmony is essential and very precious.
My photo perspectives was taken in a garden and I think the flowers are dandelion.
Have a fine day!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro *
Thank you for saying that!
I'm flattered:)
I don't have much money.
but I'm happy to have my family!