Wednesday, July 21, 2010

about last weekend


On the second day of three-day-holiday a summer festival was held near my parents’ house.
Last year we had a ball. We hadn’t imagined a person joined our family.
On the day my father-in-law sent us much vegetables, deepcooked fish or something,
and body soaps
I cooked various dishes sweating in the room not turning the air conditioning since in the
afternoon. I removed the strings of many common beans, boiled them and dressed them with
sesami. Then I made a cut in cucumbers and soaked them in the sauce.
In addition I made a cut in Nasu that is like egg plant, fried them and deepcooked them.
And I boiled a corn and my husband fried Chinese noodles with much vegetable.
It’s fun to cook for my family in the afternoon during holidays.
And then I put them in the Japanese lacquer ware that my grandmother gave me
and wrapped a cloth.
We gathered at parents’ house at 5 earlier than Japan.
My nephew called “ U-chan “ looked comfortable and smiled after taking a bath and pooping.
I shouldn’t say it about my family but he looks very cute.
His face is very cute also he smells very gooood!
Everytime I see him, I sniff him putting my face on his body.
My sister said “ You can sniff the smell only for a short time. So it would be valuable, right? “
Probably his smell will change after eating something.
On the day we ate and drunk from 5 to 9 at noon. It was a wonderful weekend and
spent fabulous time with my family.
Gathering at parents’ house with family is the best time for me. I found out it again.
I can see my nephew on weekends but when I said good bye to him, I was gonna miss him.
On this weekday I’m working while looking forward to seeing him on the weekend.


Marina said...

Family is the first we see when we get born and the nest that always protect us from the bad things that happen during our life. I'll miss that love and protection.I'm fun of these family dinners or lunch.
Greek beaches are blue and yellow! Blue by the cool sea and yellow by the hot sun!
At this very minute Greek television shows the lighting of the Olympic flame. Ι'm sure you would enjoy the event. Perhaps you can watch it through "youtube" :)

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, you had a really pleasant time with your family, it's nice to read about it! I also can imagine your great happiness when you see your nephew on weekends.
Happy Saturday :-)

linda croissant said...

ooh he looks so edible!!!!

ayamlin said...

Thank you so much for your comment:)
How's your day in Belgium?
I hope everything is OK!
By the way can you enjoy snorkeling in Greece?
Probably it's of cource!?
There aren't beautiful beachs near my house it means around Tokyo.
If I want to enjoy snorkeling, I have to go traveling far away.
I wanna go snorkeling during this summer!

* Pietro
Ciao Pietro!
Thank you for saying that:)
Yes, I'm so happy now.
I didn't imagine such a happiness when my sister had a baby.
I look forward to seeing my sister's baby every weekends.

* Linda
Hi Linda!
How've you been?
Oh, I didn't know this expression in Enlgish!
Thank you for telling me:)
when we, Japanese, see cute babies or kids, we often say " I wanna eat him or her. "
I'm not sure why we say it.
but I often say it to my sister's baby. haha!

Marina said...
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Marina said...

I don't do snorkeling but my husband's brothers love it! So they often catch octapus and we eat it with potatoes!

ayamlin said...

* Marina
Hi Marina!
wow your husband's brothers can catch octopas!
wow! it's great!
in addition you can cook them and enjoy eating them!
sounds delish!
I wanna go over and eat it with your family!