Tuesday, July 06, 2010

weekend that I had been looking for *


Last Friday I thought that it was finally Friday.
Last week I had been extremely busy with my job.
But I didn't feel that time fried.
I can't see my sister's baby on weekends. So I counted days till the weekend.
I can't remember when was the last time I felt that.
It's the same feeling as the feeling when I looked forward to seeing a man whom I had crush on. I love my nephew more than we imagined.
So my sister and her husband are more than willing.
Thanks to our baby to give us much happiness.
In the afternoon on Saturday I baked royal milktea-chiffon cake after cleaning my house.
I went to my parents’ house with turned the cake up-side down in a doggie bag.
I got there around before 4. My mother went jogging to the side of river and my sister was nodding off.
Her baby slept well but my sister allowed me to wake him up. So I took up him in my arms right away.
I talked to him and said “ I’ve been wanting to see you. “ to him. Then my sister said“ Talkative aunt got here!” to him.
When I held him, I didn’t wanna got him back on the bed.
Probably he was thinking aya is annoying. When I held him strongly, he closed his eyes since he fell asleep or pretended to sleep.
We were sizzling beef and much vegetable on the cast-iron hot plate.
My mother served us. So we ate them one after another.
When we ate them, we glanced at the baby. He slept relaxed.
After dinner I took up him in my arms again. Then he looked around and sometimes gave something a look.
Babies can see something that grown up men can’t see.
It’s my grandfather who came to meet his grandchild from the heaven or fairy?!
After a while he was looking for his feed probably he got hungry.
He is about 2 weeks old. So he had grown up only for a week.
He hadn’t grasped my clothes but he grasped it last week.
His face changed a lot and looked like he got used to be here much more and he enjoyed his life.
If I missed it, I couldn’t see it when he’s a baby. So I don’t wanna miss it.
So everytime I couldn’t seem to go home.
Last Saturday night it smelled like milk of the baby even when I got to the station.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's so nice to read how much you love your sweet nephew, you describe very well your pleasant day with your family!
Here it's really too hot: 40° C "perceived temperature", because of the great humidity! Sunday I've been to the mountains but also there sultry weather, in spite of the 1300 meters.
Have a beautiful Wednesday :-)

Marina said...

Aren't babies lovely?
It seems that you're in love with the new baby!!!Ha...ha...I'm too,with my nieces!!! Give him a kiss from me!

ayamlin said...

Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your kindness, always.
I'm happy I have a nephew.
by the way, oh, it's way too hot in your country!
in Japan when it's in summer, packed train in the morning sucks!
it's not hot but it smells like sweat sometimes!
have a happy weekend!

* Marina
Thank you for your sweet words, Marina!
Yes, he is very cute.
I wanna see him even everyday.
your chiledren and Antigoni's children look very beautiful:)
I wanna see them someday:)
Have a lovely weekend!

Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! I hope your cold has passed off!
Happy weekend!
Sunday I'll go to the mountains :-)

Marina said...

Thanks for your sweet words and wishes.You're always so polite! Happy weekend to you too!