Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our second day in Saipan


You can see the blue water in the Grotto after getting down the steep stairs.
You have to jump from the rock to get into the blue water.
You have to keep being in the middle of the Grotto since the current is strong.
Sometimes people hurt or lose their lives when they crush to the rocks.
When you stand on the rock, the guide count to three.
You have to jump into the water when the guide says “ three “
You sink once. Then you float right away because you wear a life jacket.
Water came into my nostrils and I was coughing a little bit.
I thought I sank deeply but I hardly sank. I found out it and I watched that I was scared to jump when I watched the video.
Only for 40 minutes we were able to swim there.
I felt like floating in the Grotta Azzurra in Italy.
It’s so beautiful!
Divers were swimming under us.
We looked at a plenty of bigger fish that I usually see when I snorkel.
Sometimes turtles come there.
Sometimes big waves came into the grotto and I was scared to crush to the ceiling of rocks.
Time fried really quickly.
When you get up on the rocks, the local guide pick you up when the wave comes into the grotto.
He speaks 5 languages.
The job of the tour guide is the job that you can see many people in the various countries and it’s much more fun than my job.
“ I’m jealous of the tour guides” is one of my thinking when I go traveling somewhere.


jeannette said...

Wow, you are so adventurous! But you snorkel, so you have experience to swim and explore under water!
I'm curious what you'll do next!

Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! You went for a swim in the blue waters of the Grotto, this is fabulous! Years ago I visited the beautiful Grotta Azzurra but I didn't swim there, I was on the boat.
Yesterday's trip to the mountains has been splendid: I had nice weather, sun shining, clear and blue sky and a fresh wind blowing continuously. I like a lot walking in the wind!
I wish you a very happy new week :-)

Marina said...

Awesome photos Aya! Especially the sunset...It reminds me of a poster I used to have over my bed in my teenage room! It seems that you had a very romantic trip! Lucky you!!!

ayamlin said...

* jeannette
Hi jeannette!
How've you been?
Thank you for saying that!
I wanna talk about staying in Saipan more:)
It was a wonderful time to snorkel in the blue water!!

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
I've been to Grotta Azzurra only once.
Grotta Azzurra is a brilliant grotto, right?
I wanna go there again.
Probably anybody can't swim there, right? It would be dangerlous? probably.
I wanna spend time in Capri much longer next time!
I'm pleased you were able to spend good time on the mountain!

* Marina
Hi Marina!
Thank you for saying that!
Yes, it was a romantic time.
you have many wonderful beaches in Greece, right?
I have an image Greece has the blue sky and blue beaches!