Friday, August 27, 2010

I like my tan skin


We packed our staff on the previous day of the travel.
So I forgot T-shirt that we wear when we snorkel.
But I thought it’s not bad if we get a sun tan also we had only few hours to snorkel.
So we would be OK to use sunscreen.
But we got sun tan a little bit too much.
Of course peels started peeling after a week. Yeah, we had a tan.
It’s not bad.
This summer it’s way too hot. Women who are careful not to get cold.
might tell me off but I don’t wear socks and wear sleeveless something.
Naked legs and sleeveless shirts go with my tan skin.
Tan legs look slim also the anklet looks beautiful on tan legs.
Both arms look slim also and the skin looks beautiful, probably.
People say “ I’m jealous of your white skin. “ to me at times.
But I like this my tan skin
Then I hope I don’t get some spots.
By the way I took this picture at Kashima in the south of Japan called Shikoku.


Enmarcación y Cartonnage Creativo. said...

jajajajaj I also like my skin tan. Still got a litte bit, but two weeks here and it all washed away, I am so white that during the winter I always have to put some make-up to get somo colour.
Like the photo.

Marina said...

My skin is so white that people here think that I'm Belgian!!!!LOL

Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! My tan is only on the face, not on the body!
The picture is very nice!!
Happy weekend :-)

ayamlin said...

* Ada
Hi Ada!
oh, You like your tan skin, too!
Yeah, it's fun to get tan.
but I really hope any stains remain!
you think the same as me?

* Marina
Hi Marina!
I realized it now!
speaking of which, I have an image
Greek people get tan, right?
I just remember my male Belgiun friend used to go to the south when it's in winter.
Probably people can't take sunshine in Belgium more than in Greece, right?

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
You don't go to the beach in summer?
when I don't go to the beach in summer, I don't get tan, too.
but I try not to get tan on my face always.
Because I'm a woman:)ahaha!