Wednesday, September 01, 2010

my colorful dinner


When I eat out for few days in a row, I often rack green and yellow vegetables.
So I try to eat colorful vegetables at home.
Last night my husband came home late, too. So I ate some dishes with some bread
for dinner. Sometimes I wanna eat some bread even for dinner.
You know, most Japanese people eat rice for dinner.
I like eating a piece of bread with salad or soup.
I’ve thought it but I was not Japanese in my previous life, right?
** Today’s Menu **
+ Salad of carrot and tuna
+ Salad of pumpkin
+ croquet with corn croquette
+ boiled Komatsuna
+ bread


Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! I don't eat much and this would be a good diet for me! ;-)
Happy Friday!

Marina said...

Don't you like cheese or you don't use to eat it in Japan?
We were looking for Feta cheese here in Belgium and we found it! More or less I've found evrything here and so I cook traditional greek dishes!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
I used to eat much food also I was able to eat much food.
but these days I can't eat much food more than few years ago!
Have a happy week, Pietro:)
I'm sorry I'm late to say hello on your blog. Just a minutes!

* Marina
I really like cheese.
European Cheese tastes much better than Japanese cheese.
but European cheese are a little bit expensive.
but my family sometimes buy them and enjoy eating cheese fondu:)
I haven't eaten Greek dish with cheese but I like it. I know it even if I don't eat it!
I wanna go to Belgium to see you and eat your dish!!!

linda croissant said...

ooh yum yum aya!!
and all vegetarian so good for me!!

ayamlin said...

* linda
Hi linda!
How've you been?
Thanks to say that:)
These days I sometimes don't eat meat. Because it's way too hot this summer.
Is it way too hot in London?