Monday, September 20, 2010



Three-day-holiday is over.
I worked on the first day of three-day-holiday.
On the first day and the second day I spent time with my family.
And on the last day that means today I cleaned my house and watched DVD and
I did it something like this picture.
I scrapped some happy things that I don’t wanna forget and some pleasant words from
some people.
By the way these words are words from my valuable friend called Linda.
Starting to do that, I’m absorbed in doing it.
night night, everyone. Have a happy week!


Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! I'm glad you enjoyed your three-day-holiday and I'm pleased you like very much Italy, as you write in your comment. I also like Japan: unfortunately I've never been in your beautiful country and I'd really like to visit it!
Happy Wednesday :-)

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your kind comment always:)
and I'm more than delighted you like Japan.
Italy is really popular in Japan.
We like Italian dishes and Italian culture:)
now I'm reading a book entitled " under the Tosucun Sun ".
it's a very beautiful story and I like the movie. Daian Lane stars in it. if you have a chance, please watch DVD!

Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin! The little church of San Saturnino is closed, it's not possible to go inside. When I come back from the mountains I like to stop for a moment in that nice place immersed in the green, so peaceful and fascinating.
Surely when I have a chance I'll watch the DVD!

Happy weekend :-)

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Ciao Pietro!
I'm jealous of you!
You can enjoy seeing old churches and buildings also you can use it still now.
when I've been to Roma, the hotel where I stayed was built about 500 years ago.
In Japan earthquakes happen a lot.
so it's not impossible.
anyway these days I've been wanting to go to Italy....
I wish I spent time in Italy only for three holidays!