Wednesday, June 09, 2010

what is good food during diet


Satsumaimo that is Japanse sweet potato is good for diet!
These days I bring sliced steamed Satsumaimo to my work.
I cut it in half and I eat it when I’m hungry.
Then I’m satisfied and I’m not under the stress even during diet.
I can take a small amount of carbo. That’s why it’s “kill two birds with one stone”
Recently I haven’t eating rice also bread and such.
When I get tired around at 3 in the afternoon, I bite it.
Satsumaimo tastes sweet and good.
By the way what is a hassle during diet is that I have to think about menu for each meal.
What should I eat for dinner? What do I want for dinner?
I wanna take various alimentations and I wanna eat incredible food as much as possible.
By the way last night I got home after working overtime at 9 at night. And I whipped up
a Chinese dish called “ mapo tofu “ . It is a combination of tofu set in a spicy chili- and bean-based sauce for dinner.
And I ate it with much vegetable.
It tasted spicy. Because I put Japanese pepper in it. it was really good.
Well, what’s for dinner for me?
by the way this picture is Mt Fuji that is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan.


jeannette said...

the mapo tofu sounds delicious! I thought that only American women diet (just kidding!)...

ayamlin said...

* jeannette
Hi jeannette!
If you feel like it, try to eat mapo tofu at Chinese restaurants.
It's very good!!!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, this is a beautiful picture of Mt Fuji in the light of the sunset!
I'd like to try japanese dishes. Glad you like pasta: maybe one day we'll eat the delicious "spaghetti aglio e olio" together :-)

ayamlin said...

Ciao Pietro!
when you visit Japan, I'll take you to places where you can eat good Japanese food.
Yeah, I like pasta very much:)
I look forward to eating delicious spaghetti together:)