Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's the sixth day since I started diet*


It’s the sixth day since I started diet.
I’m careful to take various alimentations and I don’t try to lose weight quickly.
So I hadn’t lost only 0.8kg on the fifth day yesterday.
I was disappointed but today I lost 1.8kg suddenly.
I’m satisfied.
I’ve been careful to cut down on calories. So my husband might be influenced and he chose onion soup instead of corn soup at restaurant.
I hope I lose 1 kilo in a week next week.
This diet is to wear my favorite pale blue swimsuit next month.
Putting “diet “ aside, I think Twitter is like “Tanka “ and “ Haiku “. Coz you have to describe everything in 140 letters. It’s different from blog. Coz you can use a lot of letters on it.
I like Twitter to read it easier than blog.
A movie entitled “ the cove “ can’t open in movies here and the director and someone announced their comments. So I thought I’d say my opinion on Twitter.
But I couldn’t do it. Probably the words that I used weren’t allowed on it.
I wanted to say “d u know"the cove"? It's criticizin huntin dolphins.I dont eat them bt I undestand people eat them for's the same as eating cows. “
By the way I let borrow tokatch-san this picture.
These cows are cute but they will be killed and we’ll eat them.


Marina said...

Good for you Aya! I can't even try to start a diet. I'm in a stress period and I'm not in the mood to try, although I must! Keep going and good luck!

Pietro said...

It's surely a good diet, Ayamlin! I don't think you are overweight: I imagine you very thin!
Forgiveness is very important and uplifting but sometimes so difficult!

Happy Sunday :-)

Laisabe said...

I am doing diet too but it´s dificultttttt.

ayamlin said...

* Marina
Hi Marina!
How're you doing?
actually I'm jealous of you!
I wanna move somewhere.
I'm in the mood to move!!!
but I have to work and I can't quit my job.
so I can't do it.
I wanna move to Belgium instead of you!!!

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Probably women want to be pretty always and when we lose weitght, we can have confidence!
I wanna lose 2 kilos more:)
Have a beautiful week, Pietro:)

* Laisabe
Hi Laisabe!
I'm cutting on carbo!
but I eat beans and not much potato and corns!
I eat much vegetable and when I'm hugry between meals, I eat sliced potato:)