Wednesday, October 27, 2010

one plate dinner


When my husband comes home late, I make dinner at home or eat out because it’s a hassle.
It’s depends on my feelings.
If I can come up with something that I wanna go and eat something in some restaurant
when I wanna eat out, I eat out. But most of time, I think I wanna eat out but I can’t
eat various good food in any restaurant.
Last night I thought I wanted to eat out but I decided to have dinner at home.
I made miso soup for two days since I can cut corners tonight. And I fried sliced Japanese
egg plants with Chinese seasonings and I can make the different Chinese dish from it
to put some seasoning tonight.
I’ll come home early tonight and be relaxed with a lap blanket after taking a hot bath.


Marina said...

I often like to cook for two days! That gives me more time to deal with my hobbies!

Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! Do you like the self-service restaurant for a quick lunch or dinner?
Happy Sunday :-)

Marina said...

Aya do you feel like playing? Answer the question at my blog...