Monday, January 26, 2009



This story is the story one week ago……
When I wasn’t at home at night last Friday, my husband called my sister to ask her
to go drinking. My sister wanted to go driking, too and she said “ I’ll go drinking if you
comes to my house. “ to him. And he decided to go there but she ended up saying “ aya
must get angry if you couldn’t go home because of missing the last train. So why don’t
we drink tomorrow. “
When I got home, he said “ I really wanted to go drinking….” to me.
That’s why we went to my parents’ house last Saturday.
We decided to make Japanese pan cake called “ Okonomiyaki” for dinner.
My husband and I love it! Friing few pieces of it, everyone “ I couldn’t eat anything. “
But friing Chinese noodles, it’s gone right away.
On the day I got a rolled cake at a patisserie near my parets’ house since I wanted to
learn the difference between pro and me.
The rolled cake of this patisserie has sugar of loose texture arund the body.
I like the texture and it’s simple and good rolled cake.
But yeah, I thought of it and it was good but I win!
Rolled cakes that I baked are much better than it!
The texture of the cake is much better than it.
I was really happy when I got it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

my crush


Probably many women in the world are the same as me. I’m having crush on Obama!
He is really cool and hot! I see the news since I wanna see him! And I’m absorbed
seeing his pictures at book shops.
Putting the politics, the thing that I like him the most is his butt!!
His pretty butt is small and shapely..
His masculine upper body is attractive when I saw his figure in a swimsuit.
I can’t stop looking to his pretty butt that I can tell how pretty it is even if he wears the suit.
I hardly ever have a chance to have a crush on the president of US!
I wanna enjoy it and learn English from his beautiful words.
Speaking of love, my sister’s husband seems to have a crush on me.
On the following day when I talked with him on the phone I talked with my sister.
She said “ He looked really fun and crackled like talking with girlfriend.”
Now I remember she said the same thing before. He sometimes calls me when he gets tipsy.
Yeah, she is right. He must fall in love with me.
By the way I took this picture at fire works exbition last year.
Two fire works, My crush and my sister’s husband’s crush, are set off!

* of course my story and my sister's husband's story is a kind of joke:)
but I really respect Obama!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** new year's eve


On New year's I got back to Tokyo around at 5:30 in the evening and took a bus to our
house once. And then we took a hot shower and went to my parents’ house with something
that we got for them in Canada.
When we got to parents’ house, it was already at 10.
My mother and my grand mother waited for us also my sister and her husband waited for us
while drinking.
They ate incredible “ Sukiyaki” already and they were relaxed.
My mother served us Sukiyaki and she put vegetables and beef one after another.
We just ate them. And then we started to drink relaxed.
The annual year-end song festival was on TV.
Unfortunately Enya who is my favorite musician sang already.
My parents and my grandmother sat around the Kotatsu that is Japanese warm table.
And my husband, I and my sister’s family sat on the dining table while drinking.
Spending comfortable time with my family, I couldn’t believe we were in Canada
14 hours ago.
After that I started nodding off.
It was no wonder the clock in my body showed at 3:30 in the morning.
But I waked up at the right time when we started to play card games.
We ended up playing card games till 2:30 in the morning.
By the way this picture is the sunset in Tokyo international airport.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gondola that my friend's coutry's company made


There is one of longest in the Whistler
It's called "PEAK 2 PEAK " and it runs from blackcom to Whistler mountain.
The gondola is built with only four towers. When you look down the scenery from the gondla,
you, you'd find out how you're on the high place more than you imagined.
There isn't any towers between blackcom and Whistler and it's connected by only ropes.
We used this gondola twice.
There are only two silver gondolas out of red gondolas.
You can see the scenery from the clear window of the bottom in the gondola.
There were many soft woods like needles
What if I would fall down there…..I thought of it, but the wonderful scenery made everybody
Speaking of this gondola, this gondola was built by an Austorian company.
Austrian friend called Maria whom I met on th blog told me it.
When I make a friend in some country, the countly turned the special country.
So I’m pleased when I learned the gondola was buit by Austrian.
Can you get it? Isn’t this gondola amazing?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tha last day in Whistler and accident happened


On the last day in Whistler it was snowing in the whole day.
It had been snowing since the previous day. So the snow condition was incredible.
We couldn’t seem to see anything well. But it was so nice to snowboarding on it.
By the way it’s hassle going to the bathroom when I snowboard.
When I snowboard in JapanI don’t go to the bathroon soon even if I wanna go to the bathroom.
But if you hold it in in the ski resort of Whistler, it would be hard.
Because you can’t seem to get to the end of the lift and it takes a long time from the top of mountain to the bathroom. And sometimes you might get lost.
It was the best day to snowboard. So I often held it in and dashed to the bathroom.
So we really enjoyed snowboarding more than the previous days.
But on the day we had to leave Whistler and go to Vancouver.
We booked the bus at 3. So we quit snowboarding even though we wanted to snowboard more.
This picture is me when I had to leave the Whistler resort.
Anyway if it was good when it ended, it would be great.
When we took our baggage at the hotel, an employee talked to us.
And he told us they found their error of our fees that we paid already on the first day.
On the previous day we lost small money because I got wrong to listen to English at Body Shop. After paying I found out it and asked her to get back money to me.
But she said “ I said so exactly. “ strongly to me. And she ended up not getting back to us.
We thought when the deal was over, we couldn’t get back and we had to leave there even though we couldn’t be convinced.
But this time the hotel had a mistake and they told us to go over their calculation.
We couldn’t be convinced at all and said “ The receipt said we paid the fee from 25th to 29th already. “ But she said “ It’s OK if you don’t get it. Because we know your card number.
So we can use your card and get the fee. “ We felt uncomfortable to hear the word.
And actually when we remembered it later, we got pissed off.
But we didn’t have time anymore on the day.
The only thing that we were able to is giving up…..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** the blue sky in Whistler


On the third day in Whistler sometimes snowing and sometimes the sun appeared.
On the previous day we started in the late morning. So we got up early and go to the gondola at 830 when lift started.
In spite of going there earlier there were many people in the front of the gondola like people who were waited in line at Disney land.
There were various countries, people there and I couldn’t tell the difference between
Japanese from other Asian people.
There was a woman who said sorry to me when she bumped me.
I noticed she was Japanese because of her English. But she didn’t notice we were Japanese. So she looked surprised when my husband talked to me Japanese.
On the day it became more icy.
We heard " the snow was 2m less than last year " from a person who seemed to live there.
It was the third day there. So we got used to being cold. But it was hard to stop suddenly.
Sometimes a stuff there said " Slow down " loudly.
Even though it was a large ski resort, when it was crowded we often wanted to take some break. So we went to a restaurant in the ski resort and ate soft omlet that fresh cooked.
On the day we went out around at 1130 at night.
We tried to make frozen bubbles that I saw it on asamican-san’s blog. So we brought bubble
from Japan.
At such a late night we blew bubbles in the front of the hotel. So many people saw us weird.
Grown up men blew bubbles as hard as they were able to in the cold air at night.
Is it weird? Hahaha.

Happy sky watch Friday

Friday, January 09, 2009

What would you think of me if young me saw old me?


On the second day in whistler resort we started snowboarding in the late morning.
It was on Saturday. I thought it was of course but there were many people in the
front of gondra. We didn’t see it coming.
By the way most kids who learned skiing at the ski school skied very well.
They skied fast after their teacher also jumped one after another.
The sun shined and it wasn’t colder than the previous day.
We went to a restaurant in the ski resort around at noon.
There were noodles like Udon also Yakisoba.
Canadian who sat in the front of us didn’t know how to use the Chinese spoon called
“Renge”. So they ate it with chopsticks and spoon.
I thought I taught them how to use it. But I couldn’t talk to them.
I became a boring grown-up woman.
If I was young, I would’ve talked to them before thinking of various things.
When did I lose the courage to talk to them or something?
I think when I was young, I wasn’t wondering if I should do everything.
When I fell in love with somebody, I asked him first and I didn’t use to flatter my boss also
if my boss was wrong I had said it to them.
I used to think this is the way I live. Where did my strong character go?
Without knowing my priority is coordination and I became a person who doesn’t tell the
thing that I think of. And I don’t do something that people are surprised.
I became a good person but if young aya saw me, she would think such a boring person.
By the way this picture is also me. Even though I wore two fleece clothes and three long
sleeve shirts, it was really cold.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

rock'n' roll?? in Whistler


On the first day in whistler resort it was reallu cold even in the town.
So I wore even PJ and went to the slope.
It was still on the 26th of Dec. There were only few people and I realized it was week days
later. We didn’t waited for the lift and we hardly saw people around the top of mountain.
I was a little bit scared because we didn’t get used to snowboarding there.
But on the slope that was required T-bar advance we were able to use T-bar lift even though
we were beginners of T-bar lift. Of course we were taught how to use the lift
Around the top of mountain there were many rocks and even on the slope we found a lot
of rock. Then we found out why many people wore brain buckets.
The mercury had minus five degrees there.
Thew was a little bit sprinkling of snow but slope turned icy.
If I fell down on the icy slope and hit the rocks, I would die. I thought it like that and
I got scared. My feet got stiff and I got tired easily.
We ended up getting back to the hotel earlier than the finishing time of the lifts.
This picture is me around the top of the mountain.
Seeing the slope on the picture, it looks like much snow stacking up.
But it was icy slope. I almost sliped! It was really scarly.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas decoration in Whistlaer


I was terribly jet-lagged because I didn’t sleep on the plane.
My plane left in the evening in Japan and it took 8 hours and a half hour to get to Canada.
It was 1:30 in the morning in Japan. But it was in the early morning in Canada.
It’s no wonder I was sleepy.
We didn’t join tours. So nobody waited for us there.
We looked for the bus that we booked and went to the bus stop.
At the time I heard Japanese English accent that Japanese tourists spoke.
Oh,Canadian people must hear the same Enlglish accent as my English.
I was skimmering. Hahaha.
Chinese who sat down in front of my seat spoke Englishe very well.
Their children were native speaker. Probably they were born there.
Parents sometimes spoke Chinese.
The Chinese woman looked very beautiful. She had Fendy’s sun glasses on her head and
beautiful brown hair of bob hairstyle.
Her first language is not English. But she spoke English beautifuly.
I was interested in her and I was wondering if I should’ve talked to her.
But that’s too bad we got to Whistler while wondering it.
It was really cold in Vancouver but it was much colder in Whistler than in Vancouver.
It was such a cold air. I hunched my back even though I wore a down jacket.
After lunch we slept for few minutes and went out.
The Whistler town was decorated with Christmas something and it was really beautiful!
Some shops that we wanted to buy something were gone and some restaurants that
we wanted to go to were gone. But some shops that we wanted to go to were still opened.
On the night we ate some pizza and got café late at a coffe shop.
The first day in Canada was over like that.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

a thing that I enjoy on the plane is....


I can’t believe it but it was last year when I went traveling. I left for Canada in the
eveningon 25th of Dec.
When I talk with my mother and my sister at the last minutes to leave for foreign country,
I miss them even though I just go to foreign country even for few days.
It’s interesting and kind of strange.
By the way in general the worst thing when you go abroad is getting on the flight.
But actually I don’t hate that much.
Of course after being in the narrow space for a long time my body hurts and I get tired.
But I kind of enjoy spending time.
I bring a book there but most of the time I enjoy seeing movies and seeing the mail-order
book when I’m on the foreign air planes.
This time I flied with JAL to Canada.
We had a TV on the front of the seat. So we were able to chose movies that we wanted
to see also see them many times. I didn’t have time to sleep!
Movies that I saw on plains are “ Mr.incredible “ and “ Love Actually “ and Japanese one.
I really enjoyed seeing every movie and they were movies that I wanted to see.
So I saw every movie twice.
By the way this picture is
The first thing I thought when I got to Vancouver International Airport was the feeling
that I got back.
I remembered various things and I was more than delighted to get there.