Sunday, June 20, 2010

a phone call*


Yesterday there was a phone call in the morning when I didn’t wake up.
It was from my sister.
“ You know what, I had a baby last night! “
She said it first.
I didn’t see it coming! Because about 12 hours before she was the same as usual and
She supposed to have a baby a couple of week later.
Listening to her story, I was excited very much.
I wanted to hold her baby soon but I thought I wanted my grandmother to hold her baby.
My husband who was still in bed got up listening to her phone call.
Then he went to work and I went to the hospital.
I talked with my sister’s family and mother for a while in the room of the hospital.
And then we went to see the baby to the nursery.
The room is the glassed room and you can see the newborn babies.
My sister’s baby looked small more than I imagined.
We weren’t tired of seeing the baby and said “ Is he cute, or what? “
And we said “ He already has nails. Can’t believe he was in her about 12 hours before! “
to each other.
Two friends who already have niece or nephew said “ Children of other people are cute.
But children of my family are really cute. “ to me and I thought it was true!
At the time a nurse gestured and asked my sister to want the baby.
We didn’t expect it but we were able to hold the baby!
There are not many opportunities to be able to hold the newborn baby especially
who was born on the day.
He was really really small. I was carefully to hold him and he was very sweet
And I didn’t wanna leave him. So I said “ I’m your mom. “ to him.
He looks like my sister’s husband very much and he told us that the baby’s good points
came from him.
My sister supposes to leave the hospital in a couple of day and go to parents’ house.
So I can hold the baby anytime.
He didn’t cry much and he was a very good baby.
My friend from the college loves her niece and the niece’s smile supports her.
I know how she feels and I’m feeling very happy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

An anniversary*


My sister had a baby last night.
Congratulations on your newborn baby, sister!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ** a balanced life*


Last night I got home over at 8 at night after working overtime.
I wanted to watch the world cup game of Argentina VS Korea. So I turned on TV
right away.
I put dried mackerel in the fish-grill and I put sesame oil in the pan while cutting carrots into
strips quickly. Then I added seaweeds called “ Hijiki “.
I put Japanese cooking-alcohol called Mirin, Japanese bouillon cube and soy sauce in it and
I finished cooking it. Then I took Tofu from the fridge and cut it into 4 pieces and put a kind of
leek with my favorite Chinese chili oil that I got at my favorite ramen shop near work.
Then I cut cabbage into strips and dished up it with cut avocado, cucumber, seaweed and
sour soy sauce.
Dinner was ready in 15 minutes.
And then I enjoyed watching the world cup while having dinner.
Argentina played way to well and they scored in the first half.
If I were them, I must’ve given up but Korean team was not the same as me.
But Korea was great. They scored in the additional time of the first half.
I said “ wow “ aloud without knowing since I was cheering for Korea for some reason.
But Argentina was way to strong! They scored 2 points in the last half also.
Higuaín who scored a hat trick is really cute! He is #9 of Argentina.
I really like him!!
Then I enjoyed watching Greece VS Nigeria.
Every night I sat up late but it’ OK I can go to work a 10 in the morning!
Because I’ve been working overtime. Lucky me!
By the way I took this picture in Ginza of Tokyo on my way home from work.

Happy sky watch Friday

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my favorite green park*


Last night I got home at almost the same time with my husband.
So we ate out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant near our house.
You can eat cheap Chinese dishes. A male cook is at the kitchen and a woman serves.
Every time we go there, there are already many people.
I ate a set of Chinese and I was very full and satisfied after few weeks.
I should’ve jogged last night but I used raining as the excuse and went to bed.
This morning I got up early in the morning after a couple of week.
At 5:30 in the morning I went to the park after raining that is may favorite place.
I used to like jogging at the park after raining at night but I just knew it felt much
better when I jog at the park after raining in the morning.
The air is moist and it smells nice. In addition looking up the sky, the wet leaves
shines in the soft sunshine. So I often look up the sky.
The park after raining at night soothes me and the park after raining in the morning
gives me much power.
It was good to live in this city since there is this green park!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Go for it, Japan!


Last night I wrote that speaking of Shibuya, I remember Linda on my blog.
Linda wrote a comment and said “ and i often think of you!!!” to me.
I’m more than delightful to read that.
Even if I haven’t seen somebody recently, the person remember me and the person
is only one who thinks of it, I’m so happy.
I can spend happy time with only this word.
By the way today it’s Japan VS Cameroon of the world cup.
I’m gonna wear a simple T-shirt for the world cup to work and make my feelings up
from in the morning!
Let’s work hard this week, too!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

way to go, Nigeria!!


Last night I went to the hair salon after four months.
This salon is at Shibuya where is one of popular crowded city of Tokyo.
I went there after a long time. That’s why I was thinking I was gonna go shopping.
But there were way too many people. So I was there for a short time and enjoyed
dinner at home on Friday night..
Speaking of Shibuya, I remember Linda who used to work there.
I wish she hadn’t come back to UK.
Today I went to the pastry class even in Saturday morning.
I baked Chiffon cake and made Confiture au lait.
When you eat this earl gray chiffon cake, you pour some confiture.
It’s like a condensed milk or a milk jam at ranches.
I brought it to my parents’ house and shared my family.
We turned the channel once a while but we watched games of the world cup most of
time. When we watched Korean team played, my sister’s husband said “ Japanese
team is lack the will to absolutely want to win. “
Yeah, I totally agree with him!
I want Japanese team to win like Korean team who won today.
Of course now I’m watching the game of Argentina and Nigeria.
I know it but athletes look coooool!
Firm body, athletic and they have beautiful techniques.
Nigeria is way to go even though it’s the Argentina-Nigeria.
I want Nigeria to win!
By the way this picture is my mother. I took the picture when I jogged with my mother
in spring.
Watching the football game, I really wanna jog or something!

Friday, June 11, 2010

a comfortable morning


This morning I was supposed to go to work at 10. Because I worked over time a lot this month.
I got up in the morning as usual and went jogging.
I jogged through on the big street and stopped by the shrine first and went to the park
as usual.
It smelled like incredible finished raining in the park in the morning.
Many people were jogging there.
A lot of older people were excising over there.
It smelled like Japanese sweets made with cherry blossom’s leaves under the cherry blossoms.
Dogs looked enjoying running barking.
Everybody was having lovely time in the morning today at the park.
I’ve got a feeling that today is a good day!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

what is good food during diet


Satsumaimo that is Japanse sweet potato is good for diet!
These days I bring sliced steamed Satsumaimo to my work.
I cut it in half and I eat it when I’m hungry.
Then I’m satisfied and I’m not under the stress even during diet.
I can take a small amount of carbo. That’s why it’s “kill two birds with one stone”
Recently I haven’t eating rice also bread and such.
When I get tired around at 3 in the afternoon, I bite it.
Satsumaimo tastes sweet and good.
By the way what is a hassle during diet is that I have to think about menu for each meal.
What should I eat for dinner? What do I want for dinner?
I wanna take various alimentations and I wanna eat incredible food as much as possible.
By the way last night I got home after working overtime at 9 at night. And I whipped up
a Chinese dish called “ mapo tofu “ . It is a combination of tofu set in a spicy chili- and bean-based sauce for dinner.
And I ate it with much vegetable.
It tasted spicy. Because I put Japanese pepper in it. it was really good.
Well, what’s for dinner for me?
by the way this picture is Mt Fuji that is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

food that I wanna eat during diet!


I’m imagining I bite crispy toast and tomato soup.

I didn’t come up with other food that I wanna eat during diet.
I seem to want to eat toast very much.
What’s your favorite food? If somebody asked me, I’ d say “ It’s toast. “ ?!

Probably now I eat meat also various vegetables and I eat them enough.
That’s why I didn’t come up with other things.
When I lose 2 kilosあと I’ll eat toast.

Well, I just done cooking tomato soup with various vegetables.
I put celery, onion, carrots, Nasu, red pepper and chicken in it.
This is for my lunch or dinner when I wanna eat it.

By the way this picture is a pan cake that I baked in 2006.
I downloaded it on my blog in 2006.
Oh, I really wanna eat a pan cake!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's the sixth day since I started diet*


It’s the sixth day since I started diet.
I’m careful to take various alimentations and I don’t try to lose weight quickly.
So I hadn’t lost only 0.8kg on the fifth day yesterday.
I was disappointed but today I lost 1.8kg suddenly.
I’m satisfied.
I’ve been careful to cut down on calories. So my husband might be influenced and he chose onion soup instead of corn soup at restaurant.
I hope I lose 1 kilo in a week next week.
This diet is to wear my favorite pale blue swimsuit next month.
Putting “diet “ aside, I think Twitter is like “Tanka “ and “ Haiku “. Coz you have to describe everything in 140 letters. It’s different from blog. Coz you can use a lot of letters on it.
I like Twitter to read it easier than blog.
A movie entitled “ the cove “ can’t open in movies here and the director and someone announced their comments. So I thought I’d say my opinion on Twitter.
But I couldn’t do it. Probably the words that I used weren’t allowed on it.
I wanted to say “d u know"the cove"? It's criticizin huntin dolphins.I dont eat them bt I undestand people eat them for's the same as eating cows. “
By the way I let borrow tokatch-san this picture.
These cows are cute but they will be killed and we’ll eat them.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

simple calm great movies


Recently movies of Clint Eastwood have been on TV. So I watched few movies
of his. It’s “Absolute power”, “Million Dollar Baby “ and “Gran Torino”.
They were sad things in them but they were very good stories.
Sad things, empty and unsatisfied things happen in life and there is a destiny, fate and
all that jazz in life.
It’s not possible every day it couldn’t be happier. There are uncomfortable things and
somebody would hate you and there are people whom you can’t get along with.
Plus if you want somebody to understand, but it wouldn’t work sometimes.
Those things were in his movies but they are not sad movies.
Life is not sugar coated but there are some hopes in life.
There weren’t dynamic actions, they were not 3D and there aren’t fabulous graphics..
There were calm stories in it but there was a drama and something changed in life.
After finishing watching them there was something in mind and I’ve been thinking of
something about the movies.
I wanna his other movies!
And I hope I meet someone like Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino”.