Monday, March 28, 2011

there was a usual day in the west of Japan+


At night on 17th of March my husband and I made a decision to take a day and a half day off
and go to see his grandmother in the hospital all of sudden.
We left Tokyo and went to Nagoya where is in the west of Japan.
Getting there, there was time as usual.
Around at 11:30 many businessmen walked to the station after going drinking
Bright lights sparkled there and people enjoyed spending time as usual.
They talked about something and shot the breeze, laughed while walking.
I was relieved in the crowd.
We got to the hotel around at midnight.
I went to the top floor to soak in hot right away spring when I got there.
I washed my hair and body and I stretched my legs in the large bathtub. And then I went to the bathtub outside.
I met a local young woman there and talked with her for a while.
She works in the railway.
And she said “ Many customers want to go to the north of Japan to find their relatives.”
to me. She talked about people in Nagoya after the earthquake.
I told her how shocked I was and the atmosphere in Tokyo. The talking soothed me
and I was gonna cry even though my house wasn’t broken by this earthquake.
Needless to say, spending simple normal usual days is really happy, I thought.
I hope we get back such a usual day as soon as possible.
My husband and I liked the north of Japan.
I’m gonna work on everybody getting back the usual days, work hard and pay tax for
our country being able to help people and Japanese economy not slowing.
I never forget the bitterness even after few years and I’ll help them as possible as I can.
By the way this picture is a picture that my husband took at Kofuku-temple in Nara.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I believe in everything going well


I learned how to bake this tart the day before the earthquake.
This lesson was the last beginner's lesson.
These days many men are working in the front of the nuclear plants.
They risked their lives even though they have family.
I'm thinking of various things.
But now I have to live strongly not to be worried too much.
I should get my mind off of it.
I gotta work hard and save on electricity.
Don't worry about anything too much.
I believe in everything going well.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

something that we have to think about


I took this picture on Sunday two weeks ago when I took a walk with my husband.
I can’t jog after getting pregnant. So I started to walk on weekends not to be out of shape.
Looking back, it was a scene of peaceful life.
Going out while saying “ We are going where? “, and we went to the opposite side as usual route. Then we found a plum glove park near the park and found a shrine we haven’t gone to.
My husband used not to pray but after me getting pregnant he started to pray.
On the way to park we found stone-roasted sweet potatos-seller-car. And we got a middle size of potato and shared it.
It tasted sweet and it was delish.
It was not much of a subtle day but I found out that living safe and sound is a very happy thing.
I don’t need any exciting.
So on this occasion we, at least Japan, should try to find other way of energy supply instead of nuclear plants.
We must chose inconvenient not convenient and safe of our lives.
I’ve read a Japanese mystery novel connected to the nuclear plants and I was able to find out the fear of it.
Why don’t we think about the nuclear plants.
And we want our thinking to change the safe of our lives.
I heard rescue teams from US, England, Korea, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Russia and France on the news.
Not only rescue teams also many people from other countries are cheering up us.
In my case not only Maria from Austria also Maria from Belgium and Kra-chan from Canada invite me every time when I make a decision.
Pharm-san from HK told me if I need something, he’ll send anything except diamonds.
I don’t forget to thank them and return the favor.

Monday, March 14, 2011

thankfulness and anxiousness


I haven’t been able to believe this is reality yet.
Last Friday I left work at 7:30 at night and walked to the office where my husband works at.
Then we walked to our house together.
I’ve never imagined I had to walk for such a long time even though I was 7 months pregnant.
We got to our house around at 2 at midnight.
I didn’t think I used it but I put my running shoes under the desk at work just in case.
But it was helpful this time.
There were women who asked us to ride their car on the road at the two stops from my station.
So I was able to drive home for a while. I really appreciated it.
Because my bump became like a balloon since it becomes like that when mother body gets tired.
That’s why my husband brought my band and I walked while holding my bump.
This earthquake was terrible big that I’ve ever experienced but I’m scared the radioactive leak
more than the earthquake.
After the earthquake foreign friends whom I met on the blog and during the trip sent me
message on the blog also facebook.
Per say, Norway, England, US, Hawaii, HK, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Taiwan, Italy, Spain and
Maria from Austria told me her husband and she would be very happy if I came to us to Vienna
and you should make a decision to do that.
A friend from HK posted an article that Chinese gives thumbs up to Japanese people for how
they r being patient and discipline even earthquake has happened. They'll wait and queue up
also help others.
I’m more than delighted they care me also Japanese.
But I’m worried if my baby goes bad by the radioactivity.
But a Japanese friend whom I met on the blog was able to see that I had a boy since few years ago
and she told me my boy is a strong boy and he is fine.
I wanna believe her words.
I took this picture on the street in Tokyo last Friday when I walked home from work.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

ginger is good for your throat!


There is a lot of woman who works after having a baby at work.
I’d say our company is a good company since women can keep working after it.
There was news that many women got fired when they took maternity leave.
But it’s not unthinkable at our company.
Not only mothers at the same division but also mothers at the other division talk to me.
They say “ How’re you and your bump doing? “ or “ Your bump is becoming bigger. “
I’m more than delighted they’re kind and nice to me.
Time flies and I’m 7 months pregnant already.
Getting pregnant is greater than I imagined.
Also the bigger my bump becomes, the more pleasure I am and I think this moment is
I wanna meet my baby soon but I’m gonna miss being pregnant….
I have a very strong body but I was coming down with something this week.
I had a sore throat but I couldn’t gargle with mouthwash, take a medicine and suck on a
lozenge, So I had been drinking a tea with grated ginger and apple this week.
Not only my throat soothing also getting well. It’s very good for your throat!
When your throat hurts, try to suck a slice of ginger instead of lozenges.
The spicy tasting feels very nice for you sore throat like lozenges.
Try it!
By the way I took this picture in Nikko when I went traveling last month.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tokyo Marathon 2011*


Last Sunday the fifth Tokyo marathon was held in Tokyo.
My mother ran the race fifth times and I cheered her for fifth times.
This year I’m pregnant. So I was wondering if I went there for her.
But Tokyo marathon’s system was changed and people who paid much money could
participated in the race or could entry before other people next Tokyo marathon.
So my mother might not be able to participate in it next year and I decided to go there for her.
My sister asked her husband to take care of her son and she went to Ginza with me
before at noon.
There were many people who cheered runners for there and those people has increased.
I found out that this marathon became one of famous festivals for everyone.
When we waited for mother around Kyobashi, we saw two Japanese famous celebrities.
Then mother appeared!
We cheered for her loudly and took her pictures. And then sister ran while saying “ Keep at it! “
and I just walked to near the station.
We took the train and waited for her again around in Toyosu. Then we found her again!
Sister ran and I walked along the course again.
Every year mother gets old but she can run the full marathon for 4 and a half hours.
Is our mother great, or what?
I haven’t imagined the older you get, the less the physical strength decreases.
It’s a relief my mother finished running the full marathon safe and sound.
Someday I wanna run Tokyo marathon but only cheering for my mother is fun.
I want my mother to participate in Tokyo marathon next year, too.