Tuesday, May 31, 2011

going over being at work


Last Thursday it was the last day before my maternity leave.
Going to work after about two weeks it was a hassle actually.
I was a little bit anxious to keep standing on the train with my bump much bigger than before.
After getting pregnant I left home before 7 in the morning everyday.
8 months flied and I can’t believe I’m becoming mother after a month.
When I had a morning sickness it was hard to go to work.
When you get pregnant, you get sleepy. So I got sleepy strongly often and I got home around at 8 and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow around at 9.
And I didn’t vomit but I felt sick always. Especially when I was so hungry, it was getting worse.
So I brought a bite size of apples in a tapper wear to work.
You know you call it morning sickness but I felt sick after work worse than in the morning.
So it was hard time to got on the train after work.
I hadn’t had a big bump. Even I put a key holder of expecting mothers on my bag, I hardly took a seat also most people didn’t give me their seat.
When I got to the grocery store near my house, I sometimes wanted to sit on the floor because of feeling sick terribly.
In January I was 3 months pregnant. And I was thinking I was gonna feel sick until my baby coming out. But the morning sickness was gone without knowing in the middle of February.
My task at work was not decreasing. Instead, I was getting busy much more than before.
It was hard to work after getting pregnant. So I was glad when I started to take paid holidays two weeks ago.
And I was really happy and I enjoyed spending time after becoming a full time wife.
Because my house kept clean and I was able to do various things that I couldn’t do it after working.
So I had been thinking I couldn’t go ba ck to work anymore.
But going to work after a while, I was gonna miss being at work and it was not bad to keep working, I thought.
Every single day I have to go to work even if I’m not in the mood to go to work and sometimes
I have difficult tasks. In addition I have to study and I’m under the pressure because my boss wants me to do high level tasks more than when I was 20.
But it’s worth to do them.
You have to communicate with people who you don’t like at work. If you’re a full time house wife, you don’t need to do though.
But that’s why you can meet various attractive people and you can become friends with them because you work at the company.
You get money because you work hard. Getting paid is not easy.
But it’s worth to do it.
I go back to work after the maternity leave. So I don’t have to forget it.
And I wanna enjoy spending time as a fulltime house wife.
By the way I took this picture in Toyama last year.


Cartonnage Creativo by Ada. said...

I really understand you, but when your baby borns, I think many things change......

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's so good you started to take paid holidays two weeks ago. I hope you'll have some more paid holidays after the maternity: you'll need them.
The photo has a magnificent light indeed.
Have a nice day :-)

Anette said...

How long is your maternity leave? In Norway the parents (either the mum or the dad, not both of them at the same time..) can be off one year with 80% of their wage. The mum has to stay home the first six weeks after the birth, but after that they can decide how to share the time with their baby.

Kay said...

I really admire how you were able to work so long into your pregnancy. I loved being pregnant and didn't have any morning sickness. That could be why I gained 50 pounds. I stayed home with both my children until my son was 7 years old. Then I returned to teaching. I loved teaching and am glad I went to work because I needed outside stimulation and I liked earning a wage. I didn't want to be so dependent on my husband. What if something happened to him? I needed the reassurance that I would be able to provide for my children on my own. It all worked out nicely for me. I was lucky.